1. But why is Japan and South Korea still extremely innovative despite being shame-based?

  2. Because they are a democracy. Totalitarian countries can’t be innovative /s

  3. Reject buying games/toys/whatever they ask for, not letting them hang out with friends

  4. I think compared to other Asian countries Kazakhstan kids have it easy

  5. Short term effects: Slippers, sticks, cloth hangars, the belt, hand... basically any household object that can cause some serious pain. Then afterwards silent treatment for 6hrs, sometimes no dinner (depending upon severity ofc) and in Long Term maybe grounding the kid, taking away phones, no TV, no Computer games. (I can say being on the receiving end of the treatment, I am quite experienced on this matter lol)

  6. I think I had long converted myself into an introvert to adapt to living in Vancouver.

  7. It depends how they relate the other countries and if they have a workable foreign policy.

  8. Another one can take control after a period of China plunging in absolute chaos .

  9. Tons of weirdos from South Korea and Taiwan, especially the anti social kind.

  10. Can’t afford to live here, can’t afford to escape. Screwed either way

  11. Because I don’t have any other better option at the moment.

  12. 2 reasons: East Asian societies are super competitive and unscrupulous bosses encourage a workaholic culture

  13. The parliament fist fights are hilarious. Makes China think twice about invading

  14. SERIOUSLY been trying to find those and Jalapeno poppers, where my frozen snacks at?? I did find some compliments poppers at Safeway but they were pretty bland 😩

  15. I’ve seen them at Walmart (great value brand) but I can’t vouch for the quality

  16. Rural areas are more conservative than the people living in the cities. Also the rural areas are where people are more religious and vote more religiously. This applies to both Malaysia and Indonesia

  17. I don’t know how to quantify rural. Both countries have really rural rural areas

  18. TBF the 2 micheals were not normal guys. They were also in the game. Spavor is a North Korea "consultant" and has met the kims several times and Korvig was an ex foreign service officer who was working for a think tank that is basically an intelligence front group

  19. Doesn’t matter who they are. Doesn’t matter if one guy is working in a George Soros front group. What were the charges and what evidence do they have?

  20. The meng charges were very arbitrary too. There was a great article from WSJ that basically said the charges came from Bolton's ass, trump was against it too. Canada's highest foreign service lawyer said that there was a high chance Meng would have been released

  21. The specific charge is financial fraud to bypass sanctions on Iran. Isn’t that what huawei did?

  22. Jjajangmyeon is different from Shandong food. In fact, Shandong people feel quite awkward when eating jajangmyeon.

  23. I think the chili pepper thing is kinda new to kimchi and it was probably from globalization and trading. I met some Koreans in Kazakhstan and I even went to their house. I tried their house made kimchi. It wasn’t even spicy. It was more like sauerkraut.

  24. Wanting to do it is one thing. Achieving it is another. Let’s talk again when they achieved it

  25. Great. This will make housing prices cheaper for us British Columbians /s

  26. In my Father's house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you. — John 14:2

  27. It is a good thing that the US not only accept the Falun Gong but financially supported it. Now they can have a taste of what is like having a insane cult in their country. Hope they like all the fake news and conspiracy theories the Falun Gong spread.

  28. They may be crazy as you said and have wild conspiracy theories but Falun Gong is not a threat to national security in their United States, where people have freedom of speech and freedom to believe whatever religion they want

  29. I wasn't at all claiming that they are. I'm saying that World Mission Society Church of God is our equivalent of Falun Gong in the sense that they're considered an evil cult.

  30. Maybe not as popular as some, but Churchill St. always seems to make its way in a suburb.

  31. In the beginning when Japan was exporting their products “Made in Japan” was seen as bad quality.

  32. Given that China is an authoritarian country, shouldn’t they have harsh lass regarding quality control?

  33. If they get caught the punishment is strict. There would be a scandal on social media too.

  34. South Korea may be richer but I think the people in the south East Asian countries you mentioned enjoy life more, mainly because the societies are more easy going and don’t have Korean workaholic culture

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