1. Why would they not want to up charge for what would be incredibly cheap addition? If they added on an extra £10-15 for what would essentially be a few bits of card that is only good for them and people who play with the various cases would definitely want that

  2. They are never going to reprint every map in the module at 1 inch per square. If they wanted to do that, they would have offered it already. Years ago.

  3. Yeah maps I understand but monster tokens where the art is already done and maybe the odd bit of terrain wouldn't cost much but would make a big difference to players and DMS

  4. I'm not sure you can call that a mini its massive! Looks great though

  5. That is brilliant, where did you get it from... I must have it! I mean mine won't look that good but it's something to aspire to

  6. 😂 brother you can do just as good of a job patience practice and time I've only been painting a little over a year and half! If I can do it with the shakes you definitely can my man! He is the Epic Boss encounter from Steam Forge Games Epic Encounters line high quality cast resin models and all of them are sick. They even have mob encounters as precursors for each boss encounter!

  7. Ahh man I saw these on Amazon but ignored them for some reason. I thank you but my wife and bank won't 😂

  8. I’ve used this trick on a horse I painted a while ago to make it look like it’s made out of ice. If you dry brush some white on the light blue it will look more like ice. Make sure to tap it on lightly with the dry brush. It makes it easier to control the amount of paint you’re applying.

  9. The pictures don't do the horn justice but I love that idea! I'm going to get a few more mini under my belt so I'm more confident doing the various techniques then come back to this and finish her off

  10. I'm going to steal this idea to make my "icy" bases. This looks incredible

  11. That shape d4 is so much better than the usual. Looks amazing!

  12. Love this! What colours did you use for skulls/bones?

  13. Yep, it'll work just fine. You could also "prime" with a clear coat, and use transparent paints to keep it see-thru (like if it's supposed to be made of ice or energy or something).

  14. Ahh that's brilliant. I'll play it safe this time as I am beginner but I'll definitely bare that in mind thank you

  15. Your game do whatever you want I guess. You don't have to go by the book and can change anything as long as everyone has fun

  16. To build on this, in my own games I will shift the hp, or sometimes outright ignore it in favor of whatever fits the story best at that time. I've given monsters +75 HP and reduced bosses by 100 depending on how my players were reacting to the fight.

  17. You can also decide on the fly depending on how the party deals with things I would always say if they come up with something really clever it's worth rewarding them accordingly.

  18. packaging for that kind of coding is a nightmare.

  19. The problem with that is surely where you redeem the code? If i buy from Amazon would they accept the code or small individual game shops holding stock to give books for coupons. I think they will end up boxing most books adding price but maybe( hopefully) add some maps or handouts or DM screen etc

  20. It can make for some funny moments if someone rolls low and someone rolls high then the roleplaying from it can be brilliant. My character who is fairly stupid keeps arguing that the tunnels we are in were made from lava shoots rather than just caves.

  21. That's awesome I started the same way last week! I do have some questions... Did ravisin make an appearance or are you keeping her till later? Also, did you use any of the starter quests? How are you encouraging more exploration for the other towns?

  22. They’ve not yet encountered Ravisin (she’s still locked in the tomb), I plan to have her hurt the party enough to scare them all the while making pronunciations of how they’re now “marked in the eyes of the Frostmaiden and doomed to an icy death” etc etc before wild shaping into something tiny and fleeing through a crack in the wall of the tomb. I like the idea of her being a reoccurring villain.

  23. Ahh that's amazing, my party killed the moose then Ravisin made an appearance before turning into an owl and flying away. And going to keep suggesting that she is following them under orders of Auril.

  24. Love that idea! I ran my 1st session last week and in retrospect I wish I had focused more on the cold weather and more descriptions to build the dread and how bleak it is in the wilderness is. I think it's a bit cliche but I'm going to add in a dream sequences during rests to bring auril into it more

  25. To reward a nat20 on initiative you could have players get and advantage in the next round? Gives a reward without affecting the game too much? Also could be used easily for villains with minimal work

  26. Narrating combat relies on general story-telling skills. The best way to hone our skills is to be a writer and practice writing out combat scenes.

  27. This is amazing advice and definitely gives me a lot to think about!

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