1. I'm no expert mechanic but to me it looks like the oil pressure switch is leaking and blowing oil out on the cable. I'd replace the switch, clean it up, and watch it.

  2. Thanks I appreciate it a lot! I’ll get on this b4 it gets too bad

  3. fuck that is bad.. get it fixed asap if it leaks on the belt below it will be bad news bears. Yes it is the oil filter housing gasket.. and clean up the oil pressure sensor and wiring as well.

  4. Yeah this just started the last week I was under the hood 2 weeks ago and saw nothing just checked bc I thought I smelt something. Should I not drive it till it’s fixed?

  5. Very clean spec! I have a 2011 335i Msport that I got stock 4 months ago. Looking to tackle my performance mods and exhaust setup next. Do you mind if I ask what mods you’re running + your exhaust setup? Been thinking of going the catted downpipe route.

  6. Nice! Wish mine was m sport. I’m running a fmic, charge pipe, catless downpipe, and I think that’s it. It’s MHD tune stage 2. Exhaust is stock because it’s a daily, but very happy with the sound and performance that’s probably all I’m doing to it

  7. Is this the stock exhaust/muffler? I bought one last year with straight pipes and I’m trying to decide between an aftermarket muffler or scalping off another e90

  8. Yeah stock exhaust system I love the sound of it with a downpipe nice deep tone not obnoxious or raspy at all

  9. Let me know if y’all got any recommendations on wheels and anything

  10. Thanks man for all the recommendations I’d love to see your setup with the rear spacers, and I’ll definitely get some new bulbs. Appreciate you taking your time with all this info

  11. What color is this? It looks darker than my le mans.. I know there are 2 other blues that are more common just don't know names.

  12. I believe it’s deep sea blue. But thanks man much appreciated I’ll definitely make sure to maintain it

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