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  1. Cooler is great. I think the fact he is restricted to one team (wicked bloodline) to be fully utilised hurts him a little bit because he can’t be on a diverse set of teams, movie bosses needs some major buffs and new units because you just can’t get use out of all the links which is a big L

  2. 1000 deep I got an int vegeta, ssj3, nameku and the cooler movie phy goku. That’s it.

  3. Relaxing is definitely earned. Maybe go for your favorite dinner out or watch a new movie?

  4. Heh not my idea of relaxation, I prefer to read and also research random things because I love learning and gaining knowledge

  5. It’s a damn shame many people don’t appreciate a book or research as hobbies but oh well

  6. They most likely will, probably some big ADDITIONS (in caps because I mean additions not changes) and perhaps some more smaller events throughout the year, some are probably worried about archives being relevant which it absolutely is because overwatch 2 is set in overwatch’s present timeline whereas archives are set in the past

  7. Lucky you. I hate seeing them because Yamcha is useless. He just adds on to a duo that already lets you know you’re getting something. And Buu is useless without hercule. So adding them together makes me depressed

  8. There’s still a Lot of characters and animations they could implement, it’s kind of depressing that they don’t.

  9. What a dick, leaks something very detrimental and gives us no further info. “relax” piss off

  10. There’s an underrated feat for the people who still deny dragon ball characters are faster than light where Goku and Moro fly around the entirety of new namek in the span of like one page and moro creates an afterimage which also travels the entire span at the same time to intercept Goku lmaoooo.

  11. There’s a lot of feats all the way back in even the saiyan saga that suggest LS or FTL

  12. 300,000 kilometers per second. I mean, it’s literally as fast as anything can get in our universe of course it’s gonna seem fast to us. For perspective mach speed is 0.343 kilometers per second. The speed of light is around 875,000 times the speed of sound in air. To me that actually SLOW considering it’s the speed limit of our universe. Like, that’s it?

  13. Obviously in more universal terms it is incredibly slow but compared to the speed of us humans and everything on earth, it’s stupidly fast

  14. Hmm, Gas technically died of age, so the dbs couldn't bring him back, but maybe Baba could. Even then, he'd die immediately due do his curse.

  15. In fact I think 73 could be a very viable option too. Some decent abilities to be stolen in a battle royale of a multiverse

  16. I love his design and abilities, one of the better parts of the messy path the manga is taking

  17. Yta. As someone who grew up in a household where I was the least favourite, it’s clear favouritism towards your step daughter. She is your child and your responsibility so you should contribute what you can, like you said yourself you can do so since you are “upper middle class” whatever that means in this day and age.

  18. I want phy dbs broly or phy raditz, 2 favourite characters tbh

  19. The only thing this can prove is the range of his power. Other than that it’s a weird thing to scale

  20. There are some good arcs before dbz that you might want to check out but many people start on dbz and never even go back to watch db. It's a good place to start if you want a place to start where it "picks up". If you're ever interested in knowing where everybody came from then you can go back to db. The fighting in db is much more grounded and there are a lot more gags especially in earlier episodes. But the king piccolo/piccolo jr arcs are easily some of the best of the series and people who skip the earlier stuff miss out on the groundwork that was laid out for all of these characters.


  22. It depends on the context of battle as me and alert test discussed earlier

  23. Hmm broly easily the fastest to adapt to but if freezer focuses putting him down quick he should take it but if he's in character and is Messing around and broly in a drawn out fight I say the sayians

  24. I think it could go either way to be honest. Frieza looks extremely cocky right now and that could be his downfall. He will wanna test his new powers so I agree with your point. Totally depends on the context of battle

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