1. I don't really care and still use it, great phone. At least I still get face unlock😂

  2. Working great so far, will get P7 just to see how much of a difference compared to the old tensor.

  3. The most important thing is if you want to live in that house with that man. If both are yes, then it is just a matter of time.

  4. I have both phones the same as yours and the problem went away after a few days. The system needs time to relearn the settings and everything is fine now for me.

  5. Mate, I never left. Kind of funny reading this thread, everyone is wanting a feature to come to a phone that was available two generations ago.

  6. Unfortunately I sold my older Pixel after getting this. Lesson learnt: never buy a version 1 of a phone.

  7. What makes me angry is that after all these betas and updates, they seem to abandon face unlock and schedule the next series of pixel 7 phones. We became lab rats for this miserable project.

  8. Return the 6 and go back to the old pixel. Wait till they get rid of the problem on Pixel 7. Wait for it!

  9. My experience has been quite well, with new updates which I think now the phone has most of its bugs ironed out. However, this phone should have face unlock as standard which I believe will happen on the pixel 7. The video section still needs to work on to head against the iPhone but the photos are amazing. Given the price point versus iPhone, I grade this phone at 8 and 1/2.

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