1. It depends on how miscut it is. Slight centering issues are very common, whereas a full "there's part of another card here" is very uncommon.

  2. no, it’s like slight shifts to right mostly

  3. no. cyber strike is by far one of the worse structure decks. if you were to buy it, it would be only for the staples in side.

  4. Make sure you have a least one pack of sleeves so once you made your deck you can play with the cards without damaging them.

  5. Hello, I have been playing MTG Arena and I would like to get paper cards to play with friends. I want to get a black mana deck. What is the best way to build my first deck? Get a few booster packs or a challenger deck. Or find one and buy cards individually? Thanks

  6. Find one (perhaps by looking at the meta of different formats on mtggoldfish.com) and buy the cards individually.

  7. what do you think about mono black devotion for a beginner? this cheap version:

  8. I mean it depends, a challenger deck is a specific set of cards that work together to make a balanced deck. There are many different versions of mono black devotion but the ones that may stand a chance in a tournament will cost over $200, minimum. Probably to get to the power level of a stronger challenger deck you’d need to spend over $100 whereas the challenger decks are less money.

  9. what do you think about pioneer dimir control deck 2022?

  10. If you can find any of the 2022 pioneer decks, they’ll probably be quite good but I’m not sure they’re supposed to be available until November or so. They also don’t have their deck lists publicly revealed yet to my knowledge.

  11. i have only played one color decks on arena

  12. Who are you planning to play with? Do you have friends who play or a local store you want to play at? If you do, what do they play?

  13. I was thinking to meet people at my local store. I currently don’t have anyone who plays magic, but i believe they play standard or pioneer. Which is what i’m mostly interested in for now. I don’t wanna go there for a game night empty handed so i don’t look like an idiot. Therefore i wanted to buy a prebuilt deck.

  14. Awesome! A few other people mentioned the Challenger Deck line. It's a great place to get started for FNM, which is relaxed level competitive play. They come in both Standard and Pioneer, so you can pick which format you want to play. They'll be able to keep up but also have paths for improvement, so you can buy singles or packs and upgrade your deck over time.

  15. in you opinion, which is the best challenger deck for pioneer?

  16. there might be so u better hurry up. Osamu Dazai#2796 dm me on discord and i’ll help you with everything.

  17. dm me on discord Osamu Dazai#2796 and i’ll help you to get started

  18. so no attunement at all or get one later?

  19. i think it is better so its1 strength70 in fort5 in agility (cause you will get flame leap)40 int (overflowing )40 willpower(for azure and blindseeker)0 in charisma (if rase passive gives you more just ignore it)

  20. No need for agility for a flame leap, and fortitude is not worth going for

  21. enforcers don't give any bell progression. also, 3 primadons and 3 dread serpents isn't close to enough (even if you have a really really lucky character). don't expect a bell yet, sorry. and the amount of people that participated in the primadons and dread serpents is also important.

  22. how many primadons would u say I need to kill to get it?

  23. should i get flame charm and put bloodless on like fire eruption?

  24. The best moves to put bloodless gem on are multihit moves like gale trap or rapid punches or a super high damaging move like astral wind or fire eruption

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