Manchester United [2] - 1 Manchester City - Marcus Rashford 82'

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  1. it would be 4x the bottle job as that year. We were never even in 1st.

  2. Hopium? I actually get second hand embarrassment when people use that term.

  3. I'm not sure if you are listening to what I'm saying.

  4. You aren't saying anything worth listening to just, "coming from a Chelsea fan" and crying about some other guy I don't know about.

  5. Well, alright then Chelsea fan. Just so you know you lot are as unbearable if not more than us.

  6. I'm not the biggest fan of Conte but the whole 'Conte doesn't rotate' thing is not completely true. He rotates the players he actually likes. He has rotated the whole team outside of Kane and Son but our rotation options for the attack haven't exactly been available so that's not really on him. The player that comes to mind the most would be Spence but it's been said that Conte doesn't rate him. The Spence transfer was not one he wanted, he more just 'accepted' it.

  7. The conte doesn't rotate thing is true, not sure why you would even attempt to argue that point.

  8. Thank you for the amazing argument 👍. I have truly learnt the error of my ways. How foolish was I to think Conte doesn't rotate after me as a spurs fans seeing him rotate for the whole season. How delusional of me. Who even needs evidence when you have pre-concieved beliefs.

  9. People trashing Cucurella in the Match Tread while he pocketed Salah for 90 mins…

  10. Cause he's Chelsea's shiny new attacking toy. In one month, fans are gonna be complaining about lack of production. Mark it down

  11. Plenty to be optimistic about after that. Ukrainian dude looks the real deal and adds much needed pace. Ziyech looks much better playing a bit deeper. Badiashile looks solid.

  12. You guys swear an oath to the flag/nation in school?

  13. 29 goal contributions in 44 games for shaktar?

  14. That's shit apparently, axeunleased would have at least 2 goal contributions in every game in Ukraine. The Ukrainian league is basically like playing against 12 year olds.

  15. 70 mil is still ridiculous. Even if he is the next eden hazard for Chelsea the fee is way to much

  16. Why is everyone acting like that’s a simple chance to score

  17. How highly rated is Lewis Hall by Chelsea fans? Every time I watch him I’m not impressed at all, seems to be a huge liability. But I get he’s only 18 and Chelsea is also not playing well as a whole, so it’s hard for him to come in and light it up.

  18. So Chelsea fans out of interest are you happy with the signing? I had a peep as the Chelsea reddit it seems like kinda split some just finding the gazumping funny and others are genuinely worried about Todd's scatter gun approach

  19. Can't be that happy as I've never seen the guy kick a ball and neither have 99% of people here. Apparently he's pacy though which the team needs desperately.

  20. Brighton got an upgraded coach and 20m pounds lmfao

  21. Individual errors caused that loss. I though Potter set us up well today.

  22. We have so many injuries, who starts instead of azpi? Halls talented as fuck just isn't a left wing back and most chelsea fans hate cucu (not me btw) so who else do we play there? Connor has not played well for us recently since why is he the solution?

  23. Who’s blaming the manager over this red card? Please show me one…

  24. I've never liked tate and always thought he was a cunt, but it's very easy to see why people could look up to him. Feels like you're fishing for up votes with that title.

  25. Commentator saying it's surely accidental, not so sure about that.

  26. Less of the fringe player shite, that city team is worth 100s of millions

  27. Cost does not matter though. There were time when Koeman was our coach when we played 400+ millions flops. That tells you about Barcelona at that time.

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