1. Premier is the move, not only do you have shuttles to and from if you want to take it, it’s the only one that has dedicated guards at all times of the day only letting people in premier in. Gold says they do but in all my years at the gorge I have never once been denied into gold. Premier is nice because if you wanna go party you can be there in a few mins or if you want quite you have that and tbh feels safer knowing not the entire festival can walk into your campsite

  2. Thanks for the comment!! I appreciate it. Decided to go with premier so I’m excited!

  3. I’ve done GA, Gold, and Premiere at various festivals in the gorge. Premiere has by far been my favorite, and that’s what im doing this year and always going forward.

  4. How many smashed fingers was this post typed with? Been there. Rear brakes are a learn-the-hard-way item for sure.

  5. Hahaha. First time doing drum breaks, so many smashed fingers. Lol. But was able to finally figure it out with these helpful comments.

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