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My friend/coworker has been talking about his birthday for 2 months. He invited a lot of people and they said yes. No one from work showed up but me

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  1. It’s a frozen deep eddy lemonade and it’s just a gold straw

  2. If you've ever actually attended a ballgame there (and I suspect you haven't) you'd know it's anything but awesome on all but the most overcast days. NO ONE wants to stare into the sun while trying to watch a ballgame. At AT&T, that's what you do.

  3. I hate the font on this, anyone else think it looks childish?

  4. Here's an upvote for an intriguing post. I can only think of a bad fate for the car's owner.

  5. Because this is America, dammit, and they’re infringing my freedoms! …Only half /s

  6. When I turned 51 I had the same situation. I wanted to get some friends together and I drank a pitcher of beer and left the pub.

  7. What happens in your bedroom is your business. You don't need anyone's validation but your partners.

  8. Because we don’t know the nuances of the request or relationship. It’s better to promote compromise than severance.

  9. If the roles were reversed, OP would be labeled as being domineering and controlling and with a hint of emotional manipulation. He's probably a really great guy and yes this isn't the proverbial hill that OP should die on. But it's definitely a cause for concern.

  10. As someone else who was in an abusive relationship, I concur with this. Knowing the signs. But also, a bomb ass relationship with my now, wife has taught me patience.

  11. There should definitely be open dialog about this. You never know, building with legos may be therapeutic for OP and he'll definitely miss them.

  12. Yo, combine your brown sugar and marshmallows to the highest price point (brown sugar) and just make one spill over of sweet potatoes. It makes more sense that way.

  13. No, not every one, but many do. Still doesn’t make it right, that property belongs to someone else

  14. That statement is technically true. T-34 was hardly a liability, so it must have helped win the war. You can even argue that if Soviets had not deployed any of them, they would have lost.

  15. That bullshit about the Soviet use of the M3 Lee "coffin for 7 brothers"

  16. Any chance you can link me? I'd love to read more about this sub topic even if there's not much validity to his claim.

  17. This is the same event company that did the Taco Festival a few months ago, which had a whole 2 taco vendors.

  18. I'm so glad I wasn't the only one that noticed that! Complete bull crap. I posted a poll that asked were ppl disappointed and it seemed chatt didn't mind they were short changed on this event.

  19. Where did you post it? I made this post because they deleted all the negative comments on their Facebook page, which I think is wrong.

  20. Damn. I had very little luck with mine. Cosmic Crisp is consistently my best seller, but the price point is great on them (averaging $1.69/lb CAD), sometimes $1.49.

  21. My company keeps pushing the ENVY apples on me. No one likes them and they're not as good as the farmers would like to say they are. The public knows this.

  22. if he does the same thing his parents do, he might turn out like them ...

  23. 50-50 chance in western culture the marriage will end in a divorce. Might as well, flip a coin.

  24. Also was a MASTER of logistics planning as a general, which is why he was a big driver of the interstate highway system. If he were around today, he’d likely be a big proponent of public transit infrastructure.

  25. Bruh. He wanted to bomb north Korea with nukes at the 34th parallel. He was hardly a Nobel peace prize candidate.

  26. Honestly I would have played it. I’m too obsessed with unsolved murders to not dismiss the possibility that some bad shit is on there and that’s why some killer walled up that memento.

  27. I agree. It could've helped bring closure to a few ppl. I would've just handed it over to the authorities.

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