1. Ate one too many kiwis as a kid and now I’m allergic to it. Every time I try to eat kiwi as a fruit, it makes my throat itchy and may/may not burn my tongue.

  2. Bananas are part of the B.L.A.C.K. allergy group. Bananas, Latex, Avocado, Cashew, and Kiwi. There is an acronym for every fruit based allergy (I'm sure non-fruit based too).

  3. I’m allergic to kiwis but seem to be okay with the rest. Now that I know about the B.L.A.C.K allergy group, I gotta start paying more attention to the other foods. I really love bananas and avocados

  4. Alabama does not have early voting. We’re one of only 4 states that don’t.

  5. Omg I saw the post and rolled my eyes at other people waiting last minute to go vote but no early voting?! It’s 2022 for goodness sake!

  6. Women, please consider using apps like Nurx that ship your birth control to your door! You can use insurance or pay out of pocket!

  7. I’ve been in your shoes to pump gas late at night after work or stop by the ATM to deposit my cash that I’ve been accumulating from tips.

  8. I’ve been using Teladoc and seeing Stephanie Harvey. I was adamant about face to face appointments but I actually enjoy the phone calls more.

  9. Churches should pay property tax.

  10. The trees are making me think that this is way north or way east Houston, if it is indeed within the city limits. Not that the megachurches inside the city are any better.

  11. I-10, near energy corridor (I think, dont quite remember) but there is also another one on 610 North, exit 18th street

  12. I know a couple female artists but they’re not on Reddit. How do they contact you?

  13. Who needs sidewalks when you drive everywhere? Only poor folks walk and take the bus because they cant afford to buy a car /s

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