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  1. I wonder if this effects Brave as well

  2. True, but this comment made me think, its been a really long time since I've seen small children in Costco or any other supermarket. Also I feel like my mom used to take us all the time and now its 99.9% adults.

  3. There's a lot less children being born today in the US than people are passing away. There's a birth deficit in the US & a lot of media is trying to encourage having less kids for some strange reason

  4. Yeah... There is a smiley face 😳 Jokes on the side, I got a question actually, will 40-50 ug to music enhancement but almost no visuals because I don't find any answers :< I just wanna chill

  5. half a tab will make you have a good time usually

  6. What???? It's a 15% flat tax on companies making over a billion . Am I missing something? I don't want my taxes raised how am I gonna afford my truck payment.

  7. https://nypost.com/2022/08/15/inflation-reduction-act-will-cost-middle-class-20b-cbo/

  8. That reminds me of this dude who would put food coloring in his weed, "sticky buggaz"

  9. you can send it for $4-5 total. get a plastic shipping envelope from walmart for $1 and ship it USPS first class 5oz for $3-4

  10. that's pretty cool your dad brought that home for you

  11. And yet, next to no one will use BTC because it’s not a good currency, Store of Value, or medium of exchange, and it cannot scale.

  12. the app supports bitcoin cash too so maybe they accept bch also

  13. people who use cryptocurrency and a lot of the people that used bitcoin since the 2010 era

  14. How can an offline lightning node receive LnBTC?

  15. The main thing that people I tried to get on signal didn't like was the lack of customization for colors/themes

  16. Those are no name random crap coins man. I'm sorry you lost your money but perhaps try putting money into a coin with a longer history like Monero, Bitcoin Cash?

  17. CLI is the command line interface version of the wallet rather than the one with a graphical user interface

  18. Might as well have a sticker that says, "I attack your democracy" or "death to America". Would equally ruffle people's feathers, Gee I can't imagine why. /s

  19. the usa is a republic, not a democracy and trump supporters aren't the ones trying to destroy the country while having an entire summer of fire and riots causing billions of dollars in damage of US cities. one side is trying to make america strong and better and the other is hypnotized into working for the establishment.

  20. a republic and a democracy are two different forms of government. There is something called a representative democracy that you're referring to

  21. Someone talked about this not too long ago but I don't remember who, but they were showing a pattern of the gay thing getting heavily funded and showing up in news media after this as some sort of distraction from the banks

  22. I think I remember Dave Smith talking about that. Don’t take it as gospel.

  23. that's likely where I heard it since I've been listening to legion of skanks and some of his podcasts. Maybe it was the one with the LBRY guy

  24. How?? The only BBQ place I know of in San Antonio are Rudy's and Bill Millers. I thought Austin is who had all the BBQ?

  25. Yeah, at first I was unsure. There's no way our government let this moron just hold onto classified documents regarding our nuclear weapons for 18 months. Then he denied it which is pretty much confirmation that it's true because he lies about literally everything. I hope they nail him to the wall for this legally speaking.

  26. You know president Trump is encouraging the FBI to release what they found right? Sure sounds like someone hiding something.

  27. What if you put the computer category inside the tech category?

  28. I wonder how much of the cave they own

  29. For a quick solution: swap your Monero for Litecoin on Binance and then send those LTC to MajesticBank to swap it back to XMR. The fee is just 0.5% and there's no KYC.

  30. Tennessee has the most lenient hemp laws in the country. They only measure d9 THC levels, and don’t factor THCA for a Total THC figure. Almost all the THC in cannabis is in the acidic THCA form, as that’s how it’s produced in the plant.

  31. In Texas regarding edibles, the oil has to weigh 0.3% Delta 9 THC or less before adding it to the edible. Hemp extractor never allowed to be over 0.3% at any point in production

  32. I’m more interested in the what than the where. Anyone know what vaporizer that is? Dry herb?

  33. In Texas we'd say it's running. I've never heard the term canoeing

  34. Its like $1.50 for a small ranch so you best believe I buy wingstop and walk my ass to the grocery store across the street to buy a bottle of ranch for that price.

  35. I went to order Wingstop yesterday and saw ranch was $1.50 and then just stopped

  36. this bot is broken, and is causing now more harm than good. the author is not responding.

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