1. Omg I can’t believe you guys! Nobody cares about the 7 kids that are having nightmares and without super mami?! Who’s gonna play quirky games with Carrrrmen?

  2. Carmen was home taking pics, editing, photoshopping, and getting ready to upload to Mami’s Instagram.

  3. I like to think they went there just so we could make the "liquor in the front, poker in the rear" jokes, but it could be something much more clandestine.

  4. Thanks for posting, OP. I sent a tip to the DM after I saw this story in another publication. FYI: Be sure to send them an email at

  5. Why in the hell can’t they just stay home with their 7 kids??? Seriously. These two are the most tone deaf idiots on the planet!

  6. Wonder what SAG has to say now that the charges have been filed as have ALL THE REASONS they filed charges.

  7. Wait where are the toes? Do these have covered toes? That would be a lot better

  8. “Photos and videos from on-set the day of the shooting show Baldwin as he practiced drawing and pointing the gun, according to court documents. Prosecutors say the evidence clearly shows Baldwin with his finger inside of the trigger guard and on the trigger several times, in stark deviation from best practices.”

  9. Not to mention the fact that “Hutchins was killed during an unscheduled rehearsal, at which the standard two safety checks were not carried out, and for which a plastic gun should have been used.” Quotes from Daily Mail article

  10. They are probably thinking…Bang Bang has made his bed. Cooked his goose. Screwed the pooch. His behavior has been an embarrassment to his family for years. They are likely trying to distance themselves from the insanity of his crazy wife, his litter of kids, and his vile, unhinged temperament. They know ANYTHING they say to him will be the wrong thing and who needs to spend time trying to avoid stepping in the land mine that is Alec Baldwin.

  11. Another lecture which is known in Reddit as a ‘Virtue Post.’ Telling people how to behave (step back), belittling (true crime wannabes without a JD), claiming big chair in room (I am a lawyer!).

  12. His phone records, temperament on set, lack of attention in gun training class, adding his name as Producer and backing away from having made any decisions of consequence, saying he didn’t pull the trigger, saying he stood over Halyna a few moments after she was shot in police interview and then saying he thought she may have had a heart attack on interview w George S. He also said in that interview that he didn’t know there were any safety issues and that he was unaware Hannah G felt overwhelmed with 2 on set jobs (assistant prop master and armorer) even though there are emails to prove it. He also said everything was running along very smoothly and I’m sure plenty of the previous set members will be lining up to take the stand and say differently. His interviews and temper will be the nails in that giant coffin ⚰️ with his name on it.

  13. When I read that SAG, some actors and other people are defending Baldwin, and arguing that he wasn't responsible for what's in the gun's chamber, I feel like they're forgetting that he was the star of the movie, the primary producer, the big boss.

  14. Knowing Bang Bang, he is probably hoping for a mass shooting somewhere to shift the coverage off of him.🤨

  15. I really hope she proves me wrong because she’s all over the TV and I can’t avoid her but as of now I’ll stick by my guns. I’m sure she’s a decent person. Just not a fan of her type of humor I guess. Dizzy Hyper-feminine senior citizen.

  16. I disagree. Middle-age is 40-59. She’s a senior. What’s a senior in your opinion?

  17. Technically, I think you are probably right age wise, but I guess I think of seniors as closer to 70. It’s funny the older you get, the higher that number seems to be. 😉

  18. He has repeatedly said he is a producer in name only and wasn’t responsible for the hire. Such bullshit. Hoping this nightmare will teach everyone in Hollywood a powerful lesson. If your agent makes a side deal for the movie you are featured in to add the moniker “producer” to your professional resume, you damn well better be prepared for the responsibility and expectations that go along with it.

  19. Or... a "pregnancy" announcement followed by "miscarriage" in hopes that prosecutors will go easy on the suddenly heartbroken Alexander Rae.

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