1. I don't think anyone is gonna let someone without a license rent their car to go to their license test, they'd still need at a minimum a family member to drive the rental car to the test for them then.

  2. How are you going to rent a car, have someone take you to pick it up, then drive it to the test when you don't have a license? Turo is worth a shot but I don't think anyone is gonna hear your situation and let you within 20ft of their turo rental. That and if your family can't take you to the test to take it in their vehicle I fail to see how a rental car is going to help you. If they don't have time to take you to the test how are they gonna have time to take you to pick up a rental car and then someone drive rental car to the test for you? I'm sorry to be a Debby downer but the plan here just isn't adding up. You should also really be testing in a vehicle you're already familiar with for the best chance of passing.

  3. A maxpeedingrods radio?!?!? Wtf that's crazy I didn't know they made a radio

  4. I believe I heard that bang and I'm over off east sunshine and 65. I heard a single bang probably right around the time you posted but it was somewhat quiet since I was inside. I thought it was just thunder or something but still thought it seemed odd because of how it was the single bang I heard

  5. Sporting a whopping 180hp. Perfect for those days you wanna air the mullet out.

  6. Damn, you're right haha, didn't notice the ignition coils. My bad

  7. No worries it took me a solid couple of mins of staring at it to realize myself

  8. Get a single 10 inch kicker either compc or if it's I'm your budget a single compr 10 and get a kicker sub amp that's rated for the power that sub can handle. Also make sure if you buy from Amazon it's not from hifi sound connection. Also stick with a single 10 truck box's usually don't have enough airspace for 2 10s or 2 12s they tend to suffocate. A buddy had 2 compr 12s on 1200w rms and they were quieter than a single 10 in a proper box.

  9. Yeah and kicker really isn't much more a kicker 10 and matching amp will do so much more than any boss setup could dream of

  10. My next thought it to use this and spice it using the same wires or using a standard aftermarket one with some adapter

  11. That actually seems pretty sweet and for 20 to 30 isn't unreasonably expensive either, just in case it doesn't work.

  12. Just run the stereo mic in the spot that the factory mic goes it'll be a pain in the ass and it's pretty dependent on how the mic setup is from the factory but that's the only way I could see you getting the results you want. You'll also have to get real creative with how you mount the mic in the factory location.

  13. I bought a 96 2 door yukon that has been sitting and changed every fluid on it when I got it. The diff fluid up front looked fine, the ATF in the transfer case fluid looked brand new, but the rear diff, oh boy. I popped the cover loose and it started draining out and it was pitch black fluid, with a couple chunks of gear and lots of sludged up metal on the drain plug. I just cleaned it out as best I could and put it back together and refilled it. Knock on wood it's still holding. I am worried I'll drive a little aggressive one day and the diff will come apart because it's also the gov bomb LSD rear. It still locks great though so I guess there was enough clutch material left.

  14. That makes me more confident in my diagnosis of a friend's differential on his 2000 4 runner. It has a grinding noise going down the road coming from the rear so I pulled the drums since he thought the last shop they took it to mentioned the rear brakes being the source of the noise. Except the shoes, wheel cylinders and everything looked new and had zero signs of leaking. The passenger side where the noise was coming from was soaked in gear oil though. I swear it feels super tight too so I bet it looks just like yours inside, probably low or out of fluid and pitch black.

  15. You must be a genius that playing music whilst taking calls won't interfere with each other

  16. Well the music interfering would be pretty situational, but I just want to listen to music with my partner while we're in a video call, but I guess if that makes me some sort of genius that's neat.

  17. From what I've read, it's a limitation with Bluetooth, mainly with sending audio and receiving the signal from the mic. Unless some other standard is created, wired is the way to go I guess.

  18. I honestly wondered if it was something like that, since I would be connected to my speaker (with call audio turned off in Bluetooth settings) playing music and as soon as I got into a phone call or video call, it would only play spotify through my phone speaker even though I'm still connected to the speaker with media audio on. The weird thing is I can play to multiple Bluetooth devices and select which ones are inputs and which are outputs on my desktop perfectly fine, I could play music to my Bluetooth speaker and a pair of headphones or even to two pairs of headphones or any combo of devices I want and it works. So I'm not so sure it's a limitation of Bluetooth so much as it's a limitation of the software on our phones. I'll have to do more research and just make a mobile app that does what voicemeeter can do on my desktop if it's possible.

  19. Whatever fits your budget honestly, alpine and jbl door speakers are another cheaper option. I also completely agree the kicker door speakers are a little lacking (but they're not the worst either) and their subs are good just not the all in one under seat ones like the hs8 and hs10.

  20. Man why is that kicker hidden sub so damn expensive? Looking at it online it doesn't look great

  21. It's honestly not that great, better than nothing but way too expensive for what it is

  22. I have just reg 14awg wires running from the amp to the speakers. Any way to make this work without RCA cables? Thanks! 🙏🏼

  23. Pregnancy is an EEOC protected class in the US. Companies do illegal stuff all the time, they’ll also try to find ways around releasing someone that has nothing to do with pregnancy but is really because their pregnant.

  24. I'm pretty sure just about every state is at will employment now which means all those legally protected categories mean jack shit. All a companies has to do is make up the most random bs reason like "we just don't need you anymore" and can then just fire you for whatever reason they want and you'll only have recourse if they manage to be so dumb as to admit in writing that they are firing you over a reason that's legally protected.

  25. Luckily employment lawyers work on a contingency and many are free through your state. Guitar center tried some garbage with my husband and his free lawyer won his case.

  26. That's somewhat encouraging I suppose, we still need real protections, but I'm glad it does work out for people sometimes.

  27. every single 240 owner that isn’t my friend i’ve noticed to be a total asshole. many times i’ve asked people about their s13 coupes and they either give me the cold shoulder or tell me to go away lmao. all dickheads

  28. That's crazy I love when people ask about my s13 or my 2 door Yukon, it's awesome to meet people who know what they are and why they're cool. I guess if anything I feel like the car community in general is kinda cold and peppered with some annoying assholes. A lot of the nice people don't come out to meets and stuff anymore not sure if it's because of all the vocal assholes or fear of drivers these days, especially when the car they love so much cost them like 3k back in the day for a mint ass one and now they would need 25k to get another one if it gets totalled.

  29. It’s a yearly thing. A group will open and another group will close. Right now there are 15 or 17 stores closing. 2-3 changing to outlet locations. The new focus is to remodel stores to the new experience model. The other stores will close to allow the new experience models to thrive. Edit: Yes that means stores will continue to close over the years. The remaining stores will have to impact a larger radius vs having more stores overlapping in coverage.

  30. Ah yes the new experience model of not having enough employees to help customers and reducing the amount of cash registers so lines of customers take longer to get through. Ah yes what a nice new experience best buy.

  31. I don't have a dog in this fight at all, but is it possible the property owner burned it rather than the deputies? The deputies would not be able to burn the camp on private property without breaking the law themselves (even if they have permission, I would view this as a public funds misuse). Just offering a different viewpoint.

  32. Is this your first time seeing cops do something horrific? And at that point is this your first day in America? Cops do shit like this and much worse things constantly because who's gonna arrest the cops? Then if they do something bad enough to actually see any consequences the "consequences" are usually just a paid leave. They also have the strongest unions in the country with a massive budget to give these cops legal protection.

  33. I was curious and looked up that charger. It's a little confusing because they don't have a proper datasheet for it. It doesn't say anything about supporting USB-C Power Delivery (PD), which implies that it doesn't have support for it. That's odd because without PD the highest USB power is 15 W (5V x 3A). I'm not sure how it can delivery 4A to the cells. It looks like you just need the highest power (per channel, not overall) non PD brick you can find.

  34. Yeah on the back of the back of the box it says it accepts 5v 4a, 2a or 1a input so I'm sure it lowers the amperage automatically but I'd still like find either a wall wart that's 20w and USB a output or a multi port higher wattage one that has at least 1 USB A port that can do 4amps so I can charge 4 at a reasonable rate rather than at 0.5a a channel or use the fast charge capability of the 1st and 4th channels. USB being 15w before type c would explain why I'm having issues finding a 20w brick with a type a port and I'm guessing that's why all the high power ones have type c ports.

  35. USB-A maxes out at 2.4 A and that is rarely found, typical max is 2 A. Find one that can do 2+ A per port/channel. I think this is the best you are going to do.

  36. Oh yeah it sure would be nice if it actually came with the damn adapter especially since they do give you a relatively nice cable, according to them it's 18 awg.

  37. I love the terpcicle and terpedo but they would be a pain to take anywhere compared to a battery powered vape

  38. These units have no crossover options for aftermarket audio and that is the main reason I don’t like them.

  39. As an ex installer those are 2 of my favorite recommendations those models are both great and not sky high in pricing and do everything most people could want. I also had to install a lot of boss head units during the chip shortage and had the exact same experience almost every other one was dead out the box even.

  40. So I've bought an item from the raw giving foundation and you donate directly to wine to water the charity, Josh has claimed that the reason its not registered as a 501c3 is because he doesn't want it to seem like he's doing it for tax benefits, as there are a lot of corrupt 501c3's abusing their tax exemption. The charity work is very much real. If you read more than just uninformed reddit comments on the situation its not as big of a deal as it seems like. Its mostly just technicalities on marketing claims their competition sued them over, such as the papers being made in alcoy, the papers are made in benimarful spain which is about 10 miles or so away from the center of alcoy. Theres also not a single source I can find for the heavy metal testing amounts vs what is regulated so that doesn't seem to hold any creedence either. I would also like to point out I was someone that was initially pissed until I actually read into the situation.

  41. Lol no, there is nothing wrong with their papers. It only applies to their hemp organic paper. Basically the hemp was grown in France then brought to Spain where they made the papers. The people suing them are claiming because of that they can’t say made in Spain.

  42. It seems like it's kinda being blown out of proportion and that people are being a bit reactionary and not reading into it. Which is understandable I was very upset at first until I did a little more digging. My understanding currently is that the papers are made in Spain just not in Alcoy. I also think the charity thing isn't as bad as it sounds if my understanding is correct. I've bought an item from raw giving and in order to do I did a donation to wine to water so unless wine to water is fake then I think he may be telling the truth that raw giving isn't a charity or 501c3 because he says "he doesn't want to get any tax benefits" so I believe the money still went to charity and that the lawsuit has to do with mostly marketing claims raw has made, like representing raw giving as if it were a charity or something. I also wasn't able to find anything about them containing enough heavy metals to fail California's standards so they seem to be pretty clean in that area too. Josh isn't doing a great job of explaining which hasn't helped. I also want to say I'm not trying to defend raw in any way they've been a little shitty sure, but it doesn't seem to be as bad as everyone makes it seem on face value.

  43. I've noticed that seemingly everything went up in price after last Friday. Everything I've seen in Leafly is more expensive than before. I'm personally going back to black market sources since dispos are so hit or miss for quality I might as well spend a fraction of the cost when they're gonna pull this shit.

  44. You can find black market hookups and get shit for less than 15 a gram man. You're bending over for the dispo if you buy wax from them with these prices. And I'm talking live resin badder and diamonds for 15 a g. If you've got money to burn more power to you but most medical patients aren't going to be wealthy enough for 75 a gram wax.

  45. Dude my 3/8ths 18v Ryobi (and not even their strongest one at that) can bust lugnuts loose and I've got a half inch air impact that can't break shit loose to save it's life. Literally zero torque compared to electric and you need a loud ass, expensive ass, high maintenance compressor.

  46. I don’t think it’s the battery, I had it tested and it’s only 3 years old. But I’ll know for sure tomorrow (I hope)

  47. It's not exactly as you wish unless they've changed things. It's forced hybrid 50/50.

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