1. I haven't tried this since like 2010, but from what I remember stunky line is exclusive to diamond, glameow line is exclusive to pearl, if you don't have the event Regigigas you have to transfer the 3 Regis from emerald, ruby or sapphire. Groudon is exclusive to soul silver and you need a Kyogre and Groudon caught in hgss to catch Rayquaza. Those are the ones I remember off the top of my head.

  2. Witcher 3 is the game that got me into more RPG/Adventure games, so I think you'll enjoy it. You played Elden Ring already, so you'll be used to open world quests.

  3. Ok well I'm going to keep this topic up, found the solution. Playing on XSX, make sure to properly close the game if you booted up from Quick Resume, and after a full reset the tokens will be available. Hope this helps someone

  4. As someone that loved both Origins and Odyssey I can tell you that Valhalla is a slog. The story just isnt compelling enough to keep you interested and it just keeps going and going.

  5. I thought Valhalla gameplay was better than Origins/Odyseey? Or does it just look better in gameplay videos

  6. Use the special bullet penetration rounds (formally FMJ). You don't realize how much stuff gets in the way of your bullets until you use those.

  7. always say they never should have gotten rid of him. He had already made a name for himself in NY, and the team didn't have a proper PG after him for years. Plus linsanity was just cool so keep him around. TBH, I don't know why they did get rid of him actually, what did we get back in his trade?

  8. 105-110 is perfect for me but I find myself settling on 105 more often than not purely because that’s the FOV I’ve used for Battlefield and Halo.

  9. I haven't come across a counterfeit vita console, so probably nothing to worry about there.

  10. Last question, can I use a sd2vita and microsd on the 1000 model? or just the 2000?

  11. Did you make this frame or buy it? Want to do something similar with Yugioh cards

  12. Turn-based JRPGs work great IMO, if that's a genre you like. Octopath Traveler being a great option.

  13. I could try some turn based games, I play pokemon so I'm not against it. Thanks for the suggestion.

  14. I just want the driving to be solid, I hate the tail of the car kicking out after every turn for the past few titles

  15. honestly not a brag post, I just wanted to share because I've been looking at this sub now for a few months and buy some packs here and there, just wanted to share.

  16. just looked up the price, going for $1.42, think I'll keep it lmao. And gen 2 is my favorite so yeah a great pull

  17. Yeah, I just can't be mad at Stanton, ever. Even when he's slumping for weeks, I never doubt that the dude is as focused as he can be, and trying as hard as he possibly can.

  18. I only felt that way about Stanton the first year he was here, just seemed to be another home run or bust player. And I remember his first walk off HR was considered his first "yankee moment" or something ridiculous. Put extra pressure on him.

  19. Trying to decide if I should buy a ticket in the upper deck or standing room only for like $150 and go to the game.

  20. if the 1:00pm game was full it's probably gonna be full today at 4

  21. The beta is. . . well, rough. Which yeah, it's a beta, but it's also only a month and a half from release.

  22. I'm on xbox, not PC, so hopefully I dont run into those issues like the sensitivity. But just based on what the gameplay looks like it looks good. But yeah hopefully its ready by release date.

  23. It's going to be a day one release on Game Pass which is pretty sick

  24. yeah i just saw that, great news for me as I'm on xbox, but it comes out earlier on PC

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