1. Guess who’s gonna fish it out ofthe water in a few hours

  2. Dommage que les Espagnols ne l'aient pas gardé celui là, il va encore falloir trouver un pays à qui le refiler..

  3. Les anglais auront peut-être besoin d’encore un nouveau premier ministre incompétent, qui sait ?

  4. Mais il etait pas en espagne celui la ?

  5. I’ll second this, the other ones are nice learning experiences but not that great as a portrait

  6. Isn't it more "balloons are extremely cheap when compared to satellites"

  7. China already has spy satellites, but apparently they aren’t good enough

  8. Bah du coup y en a qui vont avoir du mal à se branler

  9. Probably some driver or code to help run it on apple hardware

  10. Ok I can kind of understand someone with no knowledge of Linux putting C++, but Objective C‽ REALLY?

  11. I don’t know if you’re joking but in the case you aren’t and you do want to end it, and need to talk to someone, feel free to send me a pm

  12. Saucisson is dry sausage, it is way better than sausage imo

  13. Dating could be so much easier if we could just set dating apps like this : "lawful top looking for neutral bottom" or something

  14. Well, I understand the 'strap'. Transgender men who are attracted to (T-)men, and without bottom surgery might use a strap-on if they want to top

  15. He will try to take Kyiv again, from Belarus. And he will get his ass handed to him in a decisive victory for the Ukrainians. That is why NATO is giving them tanks, it is to prepare them for that battle

  16. Tu devrais peut-être proposer une traduction ? C’est pas

  17. Some top notch trolling by the US, releasing HD pictures of their spy equipment and being like "they won't see anything lol".

  18. US be like : « 🧐 mmh the f-stop on that spy camera isn’t good enough to take a HD picture with that sensor, but it is interesting that you communicate with it through this very jammable wavelength 📸 »

  19. Alternative : Sa mine est très pâle.

  20. Tu t’entendras bien avec l’autre qui a sa poule qui mue

  21. We will be spotted by 1930s torpedo bombers but we will ruin their aim with the smokescreen!

  22. I’m actually curious about what French chefs might be able to create with new species.

  23. From what i’ve tasted in Asia, scorpions could be where it’s at

  24. I can’t fathom how this guy can have such a keen political understanding of a situation and at the same time was the worst president of the last 50 years….

  25. 3000 bi-panicking missile of dark Brandon

  26. You saw the post preview and had time to stop, yet you still thought, "Yeah this fits NCD"

  27. Tu as des conseils pour les stages des Glénans ? J'aimerais bien en faire un pour avoir des bases solides à perfectionner en pratiquant.

  28. Tu as plusieurs options selon si tu veux apprendre à faire de la voile pour le sport ou la croisière.

  29. Ça dépend mais souvent c’est mieux de répondre quand on peux

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