1. Got myself an RDX punching bag for 60 plus 30 shipping. It’s not bad since it comes with small gloves but I wish it’s a bit thicker in fillings.

  2. Ye my initial plan was a 0/6 taunt but couldn’t fit the taunt on the card

  3. Oh naw I was suggesting this have synergy with taunt minions.

  4. Taunt take damage for a turn then you resummon it, even better with a battle cry taunt

  5. Are you saying that ASU built the retirement community? Why would they?

  6. They’re pushing back against the party culture from what I’ve heard, pretty smart to side with the rich boomers imo.

  7. They were fighting one by one instead of charging in together..

  8. Everyone’s talking about reducing weights but I think you’ll fit Guts body shape if you swing this everyday lol

  9. yeaa bruh, I lost my self-respect that I didn't even talk to girls for the past years

  10. As a place that shits on judging people this sure is counterintuitive..

  11. No matter what your path is later on just keep on practicing something physical to stay in shape, a strong body support a strong mind.

  12. I think all people should be able to somewhat handle themselves in a fight. For their own safety and the safety of their families/ people around them. That being said, I dont disagree with what you're saying.

  13. Agrees, even if hand-to-hand combat isn’t your thing then try to learn weapons or get big lol

  14. I stopped doing martial arts for 2 years and felt lost in life; Recently returned to MT for the summer and I felt a lot more focused, I'm not a traditional sports person so MT was an outlet for me. In summary, I need my violent meditation lol.

  15. I was paddleboarding for 8 hours the day before, took a bit more caffeine than usual for errands and gym.

  16. bruh don't make this a regular thing , 500mg caffeine per day is not healthy and you'll regret it one day

  17. Most def, didn't even realize it until I chugged my Bang haha.

  18. I recommend ground based martial art to “complete” your arsenal. Based on my experience with Judo it’ll mostly be throwing your opponent but not much ground wrestling, TKD is like MT with fancy kicks but almost no boxing. Can’t speak for BJJ.

  19. The mercurial number six, it’s not a review it’s a musical experience.

  20. I gulped up my camelbak on a 5-8 AM hike, gotta admit I was nervous after it hit 25% lol.

  21. Cause you’re suppose to believe everything on the internet

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