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  1. Honestly that's both healthier for you and the planet. Microplastics are no joke

  2. Rizzo can capably field first. His glove may be even more important depending who we play at SS and 2nd.

  3. This is what I get for doing dishes instead of going on Reddit after the Sunday morning blunt.....

  4. Leader class prices? Dudes selling an 800 dollar paper model of the Cloverfield monster.

  5. I didn’t even see the cloverfield one but I did see He’s selling a job application at walgreens for $14,000

  6. Looking at Gehrig's numbers it's just stupid how good they are. it makes you wonder if the hitters were that good or if the pitching was that bad.

  7. The only other first baseman in history that is comparable to Gehrig is Pujols. Those are the 2 best ever.

  8. I've always trusted Passan. Especially when he's telling me what I want to hear.

  9. You should see the Cole contract comments every time he gives up a HR

  10. I had Cole in my first version. Honestly, Stanton pisses me off more. Everyone complains we don't go after the true superstars. Well we did. We traded for the 27 year dude coming off an MVP season & who hit 59 HRs. And the Marlins are kicking us 10 million a season the last 3 years of this contract. So when the man's declining, Miami is subsidizing his contract. And fans still complain that Cashman fucked up. That Stanton's contract is way too large.

  11. Imo the only reasonable complaint about Stanton is that in hindsight it prevented us from going Harper. Or at least it stopped Cashman from going after Harper.

  12. When Stanton was available for trade, no one could even be sure Harper would hit free agency. And rather than point to Stanton's contract, why not the bevy of other ones that have worked out far poorer and tied up money? When Harper became a free agent, we still had Ellsbury under contract. How much money are we paying IKF and Donaldson next season? Stanton's not the issue in New York.

  13. Still means more than someone crawling through minor league stats and coming to conclusions like he's ready to "thrive in New York."

  14. Op says he watched videos right in the initial post. No idea what videos. I believe in Volpe. Just not .900 OPs belief tho.

  15. Yeah, Volpe compares more to Spencer Strider, but without the fastball.

  16. Man, remember when Favre was just sending pics of his dick to people? Those were good times..... sigh.....

  17. I don't think even charged TMs can remove frustrations outside rocket events. Make it learn a second move or wait 3 monts.

  18. You are correct, frustration can only be removed during a rocket event.

  19. Is that a 3d model you downloaded or pulled from one of the GIS sites that has Lidar data?

  20. Yeah, I laughed at that comment. Me prying or cutting the pin is somehow worse than me pulling my 10K trailer pressure wise? Okay.

  21. I dont think sparks are an issue either, but I suppose a hot flake of metal COULD hurt a tint spot of paint.

  22. Wedge a piece of cardboard, plywood, or tin between the pin and your paint to protect it.

  23. Most auto shops/parts stores will check you battery for free. Id pull the battery and take it to an Autozone, or whatever is local and have them test it. It's likely the battery, but may as well have them confirm it.

  24. Mattingly played innings at 2nd and 3rd, which is incredibly rare for a left handed throwing IFer.

  25. Coming from the guy who doesn’t know how to use an elite TM to remove frustration? 💀 not everyone knows everything about this game. Not everyone CARES to optimize. Not everyone does GBL. Not everyone raids. Not everyone plays the game YOUR way. People just want to have fun

  26. Ok, cool. But you can't use an Elite TM to remove frustration unless a rocket event is going on.

  27. Wife and I love our Kia Soul. It's been stupid reliable. It gets good gas mileage. Hauls a decent amount of stuff. And in a 6 speed is kinda fun to drive. Also the rims/tires are interchangeable with my WRX.

  28. Is it really fun with stick shift? I had a manual Honda Element and I hated driving it. It just doesn’t feel right shifting in that thing. There was a weird torque dip going from first to second. Ahhh

  29. I mean, it's not a track vehicle. Mines sitting on an extra set of WRX rims. So it's tires are a bit wider and stickier than normal. It think because its underpowered it almost forced you to get the RPMs up and to shift a bit more often. I dont know. It's not bad for banging around town, or even backroads around the state. I'm not a massive fan of if on the highway. It's fine, it just doesn't have much acceleration left at highway speeds.

  30. I think you may be confusing it with Hodgkins. Non-Hodgkins lymphoma is still relatively treatable, but not as much.

  31. Didn't Jon Lester have Non Hodgkins Lymphoma? And he missed a season or so and was fine.

  32. Had to look up who Jon Lester, and he had

  33. I guess I've always assumed Non-Hodgkins was the less scary one based on Lester. I knew they caught it early. But in his case, it never seemed like his return was in question.

  34. This is clearly fake. England isn’t even a real place.

  35. When they trade Donaldson and start IKF at 3rd, is that an upgrade?

  36. If your job is to leave the players alone for their post-game work, and you ignore that to go and stick a ladder up in front of them during their routine, you are fucking with a player. They knew he was going to get a ball and coming back.

  37. Sounds like their job was to give fans an on court experience and Giannis was kind of in the way. I'm sure most of the dudes making 17 bucks an hour just wanted to get the event over with and go home.

  38. Sad fact: The most common fatality in storms like this is from snow removal.

  39. That's actually what killed one of my grandfather's. Was out shoveling the walkway. Came in. Poured a cup of coffee. Massive Heart attack.

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