1. All this playoff calculator talk is gonna feel weird when Watson ends up being trash in his first game back and the Texans win

  2. This would be the most Browns thing to ever happen.

  3. I think this may backfire but in another way. “Why would sexual abuse victims want to be this close to their abuser, unless Deshaun never did what they accused him of, or it wasn’t as bad as the media made it out to be?”

  4. Act like you’re doing something about the issue without actually doing something about the issue

  5. Idk just thinking of some cheap, old, but still in good condition QB we could find to ride into a superbowl if the rest of the team is ready to go but we’re still missing a QB

  6. Why do we consistently get stupid fucking cutesy coaches??? No other team in the NFL has this consistent choking issue like we do!!!! I don’t even get it are we cursed or WHAT

  7. This is good but- how is it that the U.S. is showing up for gay marriage, but can’t do a thing for women? Am I missing something?

  8. Just to be clear...Charlie Baker is off the table, if that's who you were hoping for

  9. The fact that Romney voted for this, given that he was perhaps the most well-known figure in America against gay marriage 10 years ago, speaks to the amazing evolution in attitudes towards gay marriage in such a short period of time.

  10. I think it’s also kind of unclear how against Same-Sex Marriage Mitt really was 10 years ago.

  11. It seems dishonest but changing your positions to reflect the electorate you want to appeal to and represent is not a crazy thing for a politician to do. Romney has had a lot of them.

  12. Do you guys HAVE to post this every single time he’s mentioned?? Will it ever end? Jesus I just wanna talk ball

  13. A lot of us are really upset that we have to watch him every week. These comments will never go away. The front office somehow made watching Browns football even more soul crushing than it already was

  14. Hopefully this will just get us Article 4 being invoked without going to Article 5.

  15. Such a fucking hard team to be a fan of

  16. Who said we should keep Jacoby over Watson and pretend that trade never happened because Jacoby is “fun to watch”? GTFOOH

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