REG SHO/C+35 Coming Up + No Near-Term BK Due to New Investor + All Time High CTB + Massive FTDs = Buckle Up!!!

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  1. Mods took down my Vibe Cat post last Friday for “misinformation” when I called them out for this. The mod states that videos in title posts have never been allowed. That is simply not true. Look at my post history and you will see 59 dance party videos that were uploaded and posted to the sub over the last 2 years.

  2. Are the mods planning on addressing this or even letting us know why they made this decision suddenly?

  3. You just need a few more dollars to get that job Really Poppin!

  4. The door on the cabin goes both ways, I was there yesterday. That’s the twist.

  5. It's time for the wildest roller coaster ride we've seen yet

  6. I didn’t know that BBBY and GME also offered different seating prices. The basket theory has been proven to be true but MSM still thinks that retail is stupid enough to fall for their lies?

  7. You can’t really blame an almost bankrupt company for using an offering when the share price rockets like that, it was smart. I don’t think the run is over either

  8. Wow, great find OP. I love how he has a go-to speech for desperate situations

  9. Not sure farting qualifies your ass as a fan but I’m open to debate.

  10. swept under the rug by the AA defense league. just like they ignore all connections to citadel.

  11. I remember them turning the buy button off, and trying to explain how mind blowing that was to friends and family…and then realizing none of them know what the fuck I’m talking about 😂😂

  12. Mf I been out here losing millions for two years. I’m trying with every cent of my net worth to be the difference

  13. People magazine is a paid fluff publication for celebrities who need to rebrand themselves or distract people from scandals. A slight step above straight tabloid. I believe RDJs blind post website refers to them as “knee pads magazine”. So easy to believe SHFs likely paid for the story.

  14. So just went online bbby (Canada) and tried to purchase a physical card and the link is broken/not found. I can still add a digital card to the cart.

  15. Yeah once the media catches on I’m betting there will be FUD articles. Wouldn’t be surprised to start seeing more posts like mine and pictures of empty spots on the gift card racks. Still bullish until I hear otherwise directly from BBBY management

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