1. Jarlaheim is so ugly I’m sorry. The color, the textures, the placement of everything is just yikes.

  2. One of my favorites!!! I like to imagine they were colorful like in JWE.

  3. Are these real snakes? I genuinely can’t tell

  4. What kind of frog is nectar? I really like the look of them, want to get one of my own

  5. He was sold as a blue eyed honey but he’s a very dark phase. I like to call him chocolate haha

  6. I got mine from ATreeFrogCollective. But I think they’re based in Florida. I live in NJ and had them shipped!

  7. Aw it looks so much like her she was beautiful, my first snake recently passed she was a cream sickle corn snake.❤️

  8. Omgggg. Thank you for the AMAZING inspiration for a Christmas present for my snake-loving sister!! You could make so many cute little varieties!! 😍

  9. Those are adorable and I would absolutely buy one if you opened a store

  10. Looks great! Keep making more and you’ll get better and better and figure out new ways of doing things!

  11. Morphs!? One of the prettiest BPs I've ever seen!

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