1. The pen is gorgeous, but not gonna lie, I am really disappointed there isn't a rabbit anywhere on that pen, only on the box it seems.

  2. But it does remind me of how the light filters through my bunnies' ears when she lies napping on the sun

  3. I have a guinea pig and it stretches like this pretty much everytime I pet her

  4. My Guinea pig also does it! It is so cute, such a riot of leggies all over the place <3

  5. Prion diseases are nightmare fuel, keep that away from my Christmas sweaters!

  6. There are nany reasons to lose one's mind over this photograph, and I will enumerate them here:

  7. Being an adult I'm just making true all my stationery wants from when I was a child. So far I've gotten myself :

  8. I had no idea about this, but it makes sense that if you have a uterus, you get uterine diseases. On the other hand, female bunnies should always be spayed, preferably before they turn 2, as they have a staggering probability of getting reproductive cancers (80% of females over 4), which also helps with the sass and hormonal behaviours, like ghost pregnancies.

  9. My ancient man does this, and it lead to bumblefoot. We have started to change the lining inside his sleeping area twice a day and we are feeding more often to encourage movement. But he is an arthritic Old Man and just wants to sleep, eat, and be scratched on his belly.

  10. I would definitely be concerned. Looks like the start of Bumblefoot, which really should involve veterinary care.

  11. Thank you so much! I'm going to treat as if bumblefoot, and if it does not improve in a week, we will be finding a new vet.

  12. Looks like bumble foot. Start soaking it (good tips on GuineaDad page and other pig experts) and make a vet appt asap

  13. He went to the vet yesterday, and he said that it is unlikely to be bumblefoot. But I'm afraid that you are right. I am going to treat it as bumblefoot and implement some husbandry changes, and if by next week is not better, we'll go to a different vet. This is my first pig, and he is very old; I worry about his quality of life.

  14. Mine hates the litter scoop. She is never aggressive until she sees the litter scoop in action. She attacks it like a savage. I can only do her litter when she is out of view.

  15. We had this problem, but managed to solve it by changing to a slotted spoon. They don't mind the spoon.

  16. And, if going to the pet shop, was not on your plans, it definitely is now.

  17. That poor rabbit just kicked the shit out of that cat

  18. By all means, just join the gang of criminals stealing my banana. It's not like I wanted to eat it myself or anything :8708:

  19. I have those same plates from Tesco's 😂 I thought you guys were American!

  20. 34F, Spaniard living in Scotland. We seem to have the same hobbies, almost same job, and very similar interests, bar Disney ( I am more of a Studio Ghibli fan). I'd love to have more pen pals to write with shimmery inks to.

  21. My bun outsmarted us from three different kinds of enclosures. Noting would contain him.

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