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  1. I just completed mine today, and while I agree that challenges should be based more on skill than RNG in the future, I have to say the game where I actually completed it was tense and fun and everything I play this game for. I mean, yes, I loaded in probably close to 50 times and left immediately most them due to bad objectives. Then, most of the games I had some achievable objectives, the ghost was too far away. When I finally felt like it was close enough to actually try, the second hunt happened right on top of me. But, when I was about to leave again since I couldn't hear the ghost, I got so happy when I heard the pitter-patter of Deogen feet racing towards me. Then it was only a matter of getting it to hunt me 6 or 7 times so I could get a picture, hear it on the paramic, and get it to set off the motion sensor.

  2. Congrats on getting ur thophies, i think it's more of a patience Challenge haha, GG!

  3. No fucking way someone actually found out Hantu via the breath!! Never thought that would ever happen, let alone on the Apocalypse challenge LOL

  4. I actually thought it was a thaye, but i watched the clip and saw the breath and it was obvius then that it was a hantu, i uploaded the run to YouTube if y want to SEE the clip, My channel name is Fabad

  5. Devs seems that little kid who owns the ball "You Will play how I want, otherwise ill take it Home" why wouldn't they like to the community yo love the Game Even more...

  6. Stop being an entitled brat. When you make your own game, you can decide to make it available to modding.

  7. Yes you can! As long as you are in single player mode and settings are set correctly it can be done in VR.

  8. It is truly one of the most of all time!

  9. I love skate, but damn the no Helmet culture sucks

  10. Oh man.... Enjoy while it last, the fear Will go away eventually when u understand every mechanics in the game

  11. https://www.leobodnar.com/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=97&products_id=187

  12. will a VGA - USB generic adapter work ?

  13. I bought this one and it works - Yongnuo YN320EX S 2.4G Wireless...

  14. how does this flash performs compared to a godox tt685 for example ? thinking of buying this flash because its a lot cheaper than a tt685 where i live, like 60% cheaper

  15. Dude, i feel so picky now, like, if i don't hit 120-144fps I feel like I can't play properly, and then this dude shows up playing the game with the settings as needed to run... Truly one of the gamers of all time! Cheers!

  16. I grew up gaming on hardware i found on the side of the street. I remember running wow with like 7FPS on my first custom built pc that cost me a total of 40$. It was glorious!

  17. Good for u man, awesome to hear that ammount of passion for videogames!

  18. I had the same problem. For me, i had to disable FRIK in mo2 launch the Game, play the intro and after i exit the vault, exit the Game, enable FRIK and now it works

  19. Yup that was it! Haven't left vault yet waiting for settlements to be built. Hopefully it works when I leave and re enable frik. Thanks!

  20. You could first upgrade your gpu, if u take ur time, u can get good second hand deals for like a 3060

  21. thats what i use, but it forces me to use STEAMVR , or is there a way to use openvr and capture OPENCOPOSITE ?

  22. what mod stabilizer ? I'm currently downloading F4FEVR Wabba modlist, can i add that mod into this modlist ? I don't want to download wabba fovr essentials cause it seems very oriented in HEAVY survival, wich i don't want.

  23. i just released this a few days ago. It's a port of the same mod from skyrim updated for fallout.

  24. Thanks a Lot man ! What's a "safe" way to add mods to a wabbamodlist ? And also, i have a quest2 with a 3080 12gb and ryzen 5800x. In the oculis app, where should i put the resolution? I'm using 120hz

  25. i just bought a used 3080 12gb for 400 usd aprox, maybe less, here in argentina

  26. prices in the US haven't tanked that much yet. I heard in South Korea they give them out like Candy in the street they're so cheap now

  27. I sold my rtx 3070 for like 440 USD and bought a rtx 3080 12gb for 400 usd, so if it works well (has not arrived yet), it was a good deal haha

  28. If you're in Argentina they would probably welcome it. What you are seeing here is a few "rich" people coming back to their mechanical chariots to find that 20% aka 1 in 5 people of the nation that is forced to live on $6 or less a day has stolen their tires, most likely to sell on secondary markets in order to buy a little bit of food and keep from starving a bit longer.

  29. Nah, i'm from argentina. People here dont steal for survival, they do for drugs , parties, and not having to work

  30. 20% of the nation lives on less than $6 USD a day, how much does food cost there?

  31. i live in a town, so cost here is much less than in the capital of the country, but my income is $250 USD and i live pretty well, i don't have fancy stuff (besides a really good PC) or a car, but i live well and i don't go out there and steal peoples wheels

  32. Yes, you are good for everything except some of the more heavy PCVR stuff like Cyberpunk. You can play stuff like Alyx, Skyrim, Fallout, Mechwarrior 5, etc. 100% sure, because I have played all those games with an AMD card 2 generations older than yours (RX 580) and a worst CPU, in low - mid settings.

  33. Nope, not fallout, ateast not have a good looking fluid experiencia. I have a 3080 and it does not look good and run smooth, it's one or the other hahaha

  34. Thanks a lot ! What kind of experience does this modlist provide ? does it have optimization mods? anyway, thanks a lot!

  35. Why do u want to do that ? Just curious

  36. That is not important, but if you really want to know xD

  37. Wtf can't imagine what You want to stream hahahha

  38. Don't know anything about the specific unit, sorry. All I know is the tier list:

  39. it's like its only avaliable in argentina because i don't find any reputable reviewer talk about it. it's a 850w psu with 80 PLUS GOLD rating (92% effiency)

  40. Perfectly fine. I'm using the exact same GPU with a 10700k and an RM750X. Stock settings. Has been working great for 2 years.

  41. i also read that the EVGA FTW3 ultra 3080 has a higher power draw than regular 2 x 8 pin powered 3080 , so i'm a little scared hahaha

  42. The gulag is the only thing it don't hate that they changed, ez and quick +2 kills for me haha

  43. You have aim assist. I can't see shit when i'm firing My weapon. I would rather have aim assist and not coms with My teammates than not seeing where i'm firing and comunícate with My trash teammates

  44. Acting like you can’t use a controller on pc?

  45. I just wanted to complain about aim assist, let me cry man

  46. Agreed, i miss crack cocaine movement

  47. yeah they did, they said they do not want to and they will not support anything like that

  48. Too Bad.. the Game could become huuuuge with modding support

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