1. Why do you Americans use the month-day-year format? What are the advantages of using it?

  2. Copyright laws have no power in Brazil

  3. If she's confident, she should be called Confiante to make along the personality

  4. A weapon (sv-camel) to surpass metal ger

  5. Tbh this is the best song in the game, everything else is dog shit

  6. I love the Spanish memes even though I can’t speak it.

  7. Half of the fun is the Spanish, and the other half is the meme itself

  8. Ih é mesmo, achei que era o Bruxo kkkkkkkk

  9. Oxi como tu conseguiu confundir os dois?

  10. Make the new jojo brazillian and make their stand give them the ability to double jump. perhaps give them a katana too.

  11. Stand name: the only thing I know for real

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