Grounddog Day

Everything is better with a good hug

A glowing commendation for all to see

  1. i create software that sucks out peoples souls as they use it

  2. remove the remote controlled explosive else it may take out your ass and dick of it's in your pants

  3. Dumb. They should just have created a really crappy cake

  4. racism. Soo many races to just discriminate but only 1 other gender to make fun of

  5. found a bunch of sticky pornmagazines in a bush at a playground i played at

  6. my dad storming into my bedroom and trying to kill me

  7. That one where they have an intermission and talk into the camera

  8. we where supposed to play serial cable doom , never managed to pick a date/time/place

  9. beat up those cheeks till they turn red and call it a blush

  10. The world is overpopulated. I'm just in charge of population control

  11. if i had money sure. The better dressed the more likely

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