1. Kind of like an Italian mobster version of Inigo Montoya

  2. I'm gonna start with negatives here that are probably unpopular opinions. I didn't find Michael good as Tony, he seemed too reserved? He didnt have that same Jersey inflection on his accent that James mastered and that was upsetting because I always assumed Tony intellectually never got past being a teenager, which would explain his vulgar jokey verbose way of speaking as an adult.

  3. I just...I love the Wire its one of my favorite shows. David Chase examining the human condition through a character examination of West Baltimore is something that stays with you.

  4. Hey Ronald McDonald you been to this new place Da Giovanni up by Troy Hills? I don't like fish, but his with the agoldolce🤌

  5. Sonya? What does she fuck him just like her? Suck his dick bettah than her?

  6. I couldn't help but notice the walls in both houses. Skim coat....not that sheet rock shit

  7. Tony Sirico probably took one look at that script and went "Uncle Dave, I'm trying to retire, I can't get caught wit shit like dis..."

  8. The idea of Tony going through a mid life crisis that causes panic attacks and choosing to see a psychiatrist in the early seasons is supposed to reflect an "American dad" type existence that many can relate to. You see him caring about his relationship with his mom and his wife but also being part of this Omerta code that requires his business dealings to be a bit sketchy. At the same time he's kind of got an affable wise cracking gangster charm that is both envious in men and attractive to women. The whole point of the post 9/11 seasons was to shatter this illusion and remind the audience that he's truly a monster that has devastating effects on other peoples lives. We also see how he slowly over time becomes just as spiteful and manipulative and envious as his mother was in the early seasons

  9. So David chase orchestrated 9/11 to create a series that is affected by the real life events of 9/11? The layers to this show are unbelievable

  10. Hey! Thank you so much for responding to my post! I'd like to extend forth my congratulations on your awakening to something I call the "Chasepill".

  11. Other highlights: Paulie and Patsy talking to the priest about the St Elzear festival, Chris and Little Carmine being outclassed by Sir Ben Kingsley

  12. When Chris is peering behind airplane seat. "I had no idea Ben, I'll book another flight" "Fuuuuuuuuuhhhhuuuck!"

  13. I used to always hear myself use Tony's amused voice when he's chasing Phil when my kid crawled all over the place "Where you goin'?😆"

  14. Am I losing my mind or was the guy who played Chrissys father in law the same actor who played AJ's friend Jeremy Piocostas dad in the earlier seasons? Kind of like an alternate universe Danny Devito

  15. Ironically Artie was the one with the biggest balls towards murdering Coach Hauser

  16. "To Junior.." Xzibit beat starte playing while the FBI agent writes with a crown

  17. "Your father comes home and sees my Dominican ass on his couch?"

  18. Eric Scatino later on developed a reputation for being the toughest MF in Essex County. Tremendous moxie for his size.

  19. The music teacher thought she was the toughest grader in Essex county but not after Eric was thru with 'em

  20. I keep watching to see how large Shiv's ass can grow before becoming a planetary body attracting it's own moons.

  21. OPs got better things to worry about than Shiv Cusamanos fat ass!

  22. I heard Michael Imperioli gave a speech at the wake. He was high and rambling the entire time. What I'm saying is...

  23. Sitcoms are relaxing to me. Not every show has to be some episodic thing where I have to read analysis and critical theories about on the internet. I guess that makes me a woman nerd and gay

  24. He saw this thing on shark teeth when he was little

  25. I just watched one episode and it was too intense to me. The family was out to dinner at a Sicilian Trattoria and Michael pulls a gun out and starts yelling at the waiter. "YOU TOUCH THAT CRUST YOU'RE GONNA WISH YOU TOOK THAT JOB AT PIZZA HUT"

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