1. I'm from India, and living in the US right now. And, well, atleast where I'm living, homelessness and drug abuse is pretty bad tbh

  2. You should return to India to witness the Amritkaal

  3. Me too! Happened to me twice. First was Fred, now it was US Labor stats site?

  4. Pure Hindi names are complex now people want European and Central Asian names

  5. To be honest, looking at where the world is going, even i would want that

  6. Yeah my name is so complex it has caused me so many problems because people are not able call me properly.

  7. Madueke or ziyech down one side, with James overlapping; mudryk down the other with chilwell overlapping

  8. Because If a company goes bankrupt then the money cannot earned back by taking away the private wealth of the owner. A quirk of Capitalism.

  9. More Indians Hold US, NATO Responsible for Ukraine War Than Russia: Survey

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