1. Yeah they’re still putting together the footage they said

  2. Battle Angel is an underrated classic. It's weird to me it got a live action adaption before getting an animated series. It's as good as Berserk as far as I'm concerned.

  3. James Cameron bought the rights back in the day to do a live action, he just didn’t have the technology to do it until recently

  4. Connor wouldn't know drip if he woke up in a supreme store

  5. I dunno, I have zero desire to cheat and I enjoy the mechanic. If it encourages you to cheat then whatever, cheat.

  6. Yeah the more I stay on the subreddit the more I see posts about people not liking the games mechanics that I and pretty much everyone I’ve ever played with on multiplayer servers love. I can understand having issues with certain parts of the game but I gotta say I love most of these things people seem to have a problem with lol, to each their own I guess

  7. Yo somebody message me once everything goes to hell and we get to see Thorfinn be badass again.

  8. Thorfinn is more badass now than he ever was when he was younger

  9. Sorry you dont like character developement unless its continually violent, angsty and juvenile, even though the story you "Signed up for" was telling you from the very first arc that that was wrong and the story was about changing that narrative and lifestyle

  10. Are we still having this discussion?

  11. For real, so tired of seeing these posts every fucking day Jesus Christ

  12. I fully agree with you. What surprises me is that you can mount surtling trophies, which make for pretty good candles.

  13. I mean, it’s a trophie, of course you can mount it

  14. after watching the video and seeing the ending of it:

  15. are you new to manga? This or moreso a gag manga with the joke being him being OP. It defintetely gets tested later on and adds more depth to the story with what he and the antagonists are capable of, but in essense thats just the type if story your reading so complaining about that aspect is moot, its just how it is for this genre

  16. lol what an entitled way to look at a break week, what an assinine post. Try being a Berserk or HxH fan, one or two weeks off aint shit.

  17. i sound like an oldhead but the new batch of bladee and ecco fans are weird asf, its good they're getting more fame but i wish tiktok people didnt discovered dg at all

  18. tell me about it, ive been fucking with bladee since Gluee and GD is the scene different

  19. Anime-only here. I’ve never read any of the manga for any shows I’ve watched. Be honest, do you think it’s worth reading the manga for CSM?

  20. 100% reccomend reading it. The way the story is told thru the manga and anime are both amazing but they also have their own little subtleties so i dont think you would be spoiling the series for yourselfbecause the anime is going to be different enough its almost another entity. Plus this way its not spoiled for you, as youve only really scratched the surface of what the story has to offer. Cheers!

  21. the thing is that they're making chainsaw man more like a live action realistic movie. the problem isn't it being MAPPA cuz the studio is amazing!

  22. This is just a vocal minority, ignore em

  23. Griffith Both voiced by Sephiroth and Cloud's va. lol

  24. Wait....Slam Dunk? Dint it ended? So i guess its still being printed and sold?.....so that means i can still find volumes in the web?

  25. Theres a movie coming out I think which is reinvigorating it

  26. yeah thats exactly what i want as well. Hearing it during powers backstory was so great, I NEED THE FULL THING

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