1. Half the dubs' attempts are 3 pters... why?

  2. Whiffing on Wise is ok because our #7 is going to be an all-star

  3. Because he hasn't had a fair shot in the playoffs. No one expected more from him. He's still got a great shot to be an all time player.

  4. I mean they also missed the playoffs outright two years in a row in there (and basically cheated in 17 and 18 on the back of the softest move in sports history), but yeah you’ve got a point for sure

  5. So are the Warriors. Enjoy that L tonight

  6. Egg’s going to be on your face when the Warriors Invitational begins

  7. As a Warrior fan, where do Warriors fans rank Paul Arizin in Warriors history?

  8. Wow absolutely dodged a bullet. All the doomers look stupid.

  9. Scoring inflation era. I’d average 15 on 60% TS in this league

  10. Here are the team's current salaries and their salaries next year.

  11. I know some of the Athletic crew has been floating the idea that we might make large roster moves to cut salary and position ourselves to grab a disgruntled star in a couple years. Easy to see it if we don’t make a deep run this year with our payroll

  12. This has really been the perfect season to be mid as hell all year, but we gotta show up for this last stretch of games

  13. What the fuck are you talking about

  14. Definitely Kobe. I don’t trust Shaq at end of games (hack a Shaq). There’s a reason Kobe’s on my Mount Rushmore

  15. Any recommendations for casual PS4/PS5 games with cute characters to play with a young kid (around 5)? She enjoyed Sackboy and got most of the mechanics (somewhat), so nothing harder than that ideally

  16. People saying Wilt when his rookie season was in the Time Before Christ lmao

  17. Most international talent wouldn’t be fit to ride an NBA bench

  18. Turns out you don’t need to be that talented when you’re a big guy with a generous whistle

  19. Let’s just say I trust Jokic about as much as the last person to win an MVP averaging a trip dub

  20. Steph's incredible but health plays a role and Jokic is objectively more reliable at this point in their careers

  21. I personally have Embiid winning but I wouldn't be as mad as some folks if Joker won again tbh

  22. If Jokic wins you might as well piss on the Kia legacy because it’ll now be meaningless

  23. It means something because the nephews look it up on Wikipedia to argue for players. Talking heads use it for legacy. There’s a problem when Jokic would be one of the 9 players in NBA history with 3 MVPs. He doesn’t deserve that. Very few players do

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