1. Without it all of those actors wouldn't be able to achieve the physiques they needed for their roles.

  2. Peppzor looking quite promising. Finishing it off with the ace as well!

  3. When tf did Mr.Beast get 100 million subs? Last time I checked, he had like 20 million lol. Good for him tho.

  4. It felt like watching high schoolers play football against the retirement home

  5. I remember Semler saying at one point that when he tried those headsets on he could hear everything the casters were saying, why he is careful when casting about what he says

  6. Don't worry guys. Navi will play Cloud 9 in the lower bracket on de_airport

  7. Don't worry guys C9 will play loser bracket together with Faze, Vitality and Liquid on de_airport on 31st Nov. Stay tuned!

  8. Did you know you have rights? The constitution says you do.

  9. If I had a dollar for ever time I've seen this image, I could get a one month memebership at Virgin Active

  10. cadiaN celebrating like he won the whole tournament

  11. My man got this up before the post match thread

  12. This is the problem with selling verification marks. Any jackass can buy it and change their name to Musk. It's obvious it's not him from the tweets and followers, but some people have peanut brains.

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