1. I would suggest invading at the 60-80 range. A habit that I picked up not early on enough is that when I invade instead of trying to find and rush down the host I try to get to the fog gate as fast as possible then start hunting through the level backwards. That way you’re making it so that your opponents have to get through you.

  2. What I love about invading is that areas that I didn’t really enjoy for PVE can be so fun for PvP. Caria Manor always felt like a chore to play through and after my 2nd playthrough I started saving it until after Leyndel so I was over-leveled. It’s seriously one of my favorite invasion spots. There’s so many variations in where and how you can fight. I tend to back off when my host and/or phantoms get enemy aggro. Playing like that makes CM feel very balanced for invading because hosts and invaders can lay “traps” equally well there.

  3. A little tip to avoid a few shit fights is don’t grab the site of grace at Boilprawn Shack. I seem to get far less of the “duelists” there if I don’t snag that one.

  4. I don’t know, but personally my fingers are crossed for content involving the Outer Gods

  5. Int soft cap, both magic damage talismans, Stars of Ruin. That’s all.

  6. If that were true, they wouldn't be annoying to fight. The exact reason why these builds are toxic is because they can give shit players a decent chance at winning

  7. Ah, so you just need players to know that you’re better at the game than them?

  8. I don't know what you're getting so worked up over, I just told you the truth and the general pvp community that has enough experience in this game would agree with me, which is evident by the content posted on these subs and my opinion also being shared by well known long time souls pvp youtubers. I didn't pull this random statement out of nowhere.

  9. I don’t duel either and I’m not worked up. Certainly not as much as you’d like me to be apparently.

  10. Also severing is a waste of time. I’d rather take my chances losing rather than sever and have to summon someone else all over again, or endure a loading screen just to wait for someone else to summon me. It’s just a game anyway, idgaf if i get killed by some broken ass setup

  11. Exactly. Like I said too, if you just sever out of whatever you don't like you'll never learn how to beat it. I'd rather lose to a cheese set up or a gank knowing that I fought the best I could than just sever until an easy fight comes up.

  12. Facts 😂 i’m just imagining these sore losers sitting around MAG just severing people one after another until they get an easy fight against someone using a d-tier build.

  13. Oh I'm sure we're getting downvoted lol. Just read the other reply to my original comment.

  14. Lol, the salt in these comments is enough to stock my restaurant for eternity!

  15. Some people just don't want to git gud.

  16. No no no. They're already good. They're all the best. Which is why when they lose to something it's clearly broken.

  17. How about making glintstone pebble not take away half my health for a light speed spammable spell?

  18. Make it cause way less damage like every other iteration of a fast spammy spell like that in the past

  19. How do you as a player counter someone spamming Glintstone Pebble at you? I’m curious as to yoir methods of dealing with it.

  20. Well then the other guy that mentioned people not wanting to bonfire duel is probably it then. A lot of invaders don’t want to take on a solo host, they probably want an organic invasion where the squad is progressing through the game

  21. It does make all of Liurnia a pretty shit spot. On both ends really. I really like fighting in that zone but not at all against the players of that zone. Again from both sides.

  22. Pick a weapon and AoW that you like or are comfortable with. Do 10 invasions and see what the shortcomings are of that weapon and/or AoW.

  23. Alright but where do I start, I don’t really know which weapon covers what that much, also sorry for the late reply

  24. Literally just pick any weapon and AoW. You’ll figure out what you do and don’t like about it during the 10 invasions. If the weapon feels good but the AoW feels useless then change it. Same if the other is true, just slap that AoW on another weapon that you’d like to try.

  25. There’s one guy who runs a Skeletor cosplay who uses Fia’s Mist to great success but that’s the only place I’ve seen it done well. He also has pretty impressive situational and spatial awareness in his fights and I’d say that while others may be able to copy his build there are probably only a few that can pilot it properly.

  26. I hear you. I don’t think banished knights set is that bad, but it looks off, and I can’t point out why. It’s decent armor, I just hope if and or when a dlc comes out I can find something that is both flashier and equally uncommon.

  27. Is it the sports cup that’s built into the set?

  28. Bull Goat legs, Fingerprint chest, Veteran gloves, and Hoslow’s helm looks great and hits the 61 poise mark. 🤷‍♀️

  29. Hmm so what would I need to make a cold/ice build? I can take off faith now I know most of the buffs are kinda...pointless. I can get golden vow mostly from other teammates in co-op or use Holy arrows at my feet lmao

  30. If you’re looking to maximize Magic damage on your Cold infusions you’ll need higher Intelligence. If you want to stay mostly Physical with your damage stick with your Dexterity set up and just use Cold infusions for Frostbite procs. If you want to lean into status effects more then go with minimum reqs to wield your weapons then dump into Arcane.

  31. Hmm so just mostly use ice for the frost proc rather than. The damage huh? I have seen more frost weapons used lately for some reason

  32. Frost is a really good proc. While it can be dodged with skill the damage reduction and flat damage of the proc makes it one of the better ones imo. Bleed hits harder but doesn’t have any lasting effect. Plus since Cold infusions are so flexible you can mix a few frost weapons into just about any build. I like to carry a Cold infused version of Glintstone Pebble, Frost Spear, Sword Dance, and Double Slash on all of my PvP builds.

  33. Force them to chase and engage you. Eventually they’ll go hyper aggressive and you can punish them.

  34. You forgot about the part where I had to break two of my fingers in each hand to play, just to make things absolutely fair.

  35. I am using a broken controller with absurd drifting at times, its too OP.

  36. My OG NES controller was doing most of the work for me. So I took my character’s arms and legs off. I heard arms and legs are the meta and I’m too good at the game to play meta.

  37. If you aren't embracing the variety of experiences this PvP has to offer you're going to stay mad for sure. It's your choice how much cheese you layer on your build.

  38. You’re definitely right on your last point. I’ve done 10 duels and 10 invasions with every cheese and “cheese” build that I’ve even heard of. Why? Because it’s actually the best way, in my opinion, to understand the floor and ceiling of the build. I almost never die to a Moonveil anymore. Two of them does get a bit dicey but my win ratio against them is going up. Dual Vyke’s or dual Nagi’s are not that bad at all really. They usually only use the running L1. Also since I’m aware of the phantom procs I just always carry a ton of Boluses.

  39. I had a dude in full bullgoats rush me while I was flasking the other night. After I saw how he played I was sure he was just frustrated and wanting to get some wins. This is not my job and MAG is not a tournament, so I try to remember that everyone involved is trying to have fun given a set of circumstances I can't possibly know.

  40. I don’t really get angry at what anyone else is running. Even overleveled phantoms don’t bother me. At least the invasion is over quickly or I beat them and it feels a little better than a normal win lol.

  41. Sleep is really really strong, the stun effect on its own is already ridiculous, but the fact that it siphons 50% of your mana on top of it is absolutely bonkers!

  42. AFAIK The madness proc and animation is completely unavoidable. I could be wrong though.

  43. Try out your weapon of choice in your main hand, offhand slot 1 is your bow of choice and slot 2 your shield. This will give you a variety of play styles to try while you find your groove. The best build in the game is the one that clicks with your play style. That being said the Fextralife Elden Ring Wiki has a lot of cool builds to try for various levels.

  44. Hard swap to another weapon that counters greatswords? 🤷

  45. Apparently the point is to be predictable as all hell lol

  46. Wow ugs you deserve each other. Just wait till he gets second nagi 😉😎

  47. Lol, so it used to be crouch poke. Now it’s just UGS as a whole? Maybe you need to find a different game.

  48. I ran into a gank the other day where the host was just endlessly spamming it while his summons went for melee attacks. Sling spam is making a comeback!

  49. Were they at the Church of Elleh? I ran into a duo there repeatedly last night where a very overleveled phantom would spam Rock Sling while the host spammed running L1s with dual bleed Scavenger’s.

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