1. Sony felt like people didn’t remember Betamax so they picked up features from the discontinued failure of a controller (Steam Controller) with features that most people don’t give a shit about to see how long until they change things back to what people want and use.

  2. Q: How long did it take you to craft just the right amount of smug dickishness for your post?

  3. Michael was a dipshit but the warehouse guys were malicious toward Michael at nearly every opportunity. Many times understandably of course but also many times just being pricks in general. I think Michael having something to shame Roy over was perfectly acceptable. It isn't like they didn't give him shit either.

  4. Sounds about as mediocre as what is already there, surprised to read that he apparently was not there.

  5. I belong to an older RL player club on discord. DM me if you're interested in playing with people your age. We're currently a small group of grandparents.

  6. But then how would everyone laugh at Best buy failures

  7. That’s fair just forgot to put it on my email 😅 had it on everything else

  8. It was more for the person I responded to who either blocked me or deleted the post. Always good to try to remind people they can go spew that BS over in the “other” subreddit made specifically for their negative energy.

  9. I'd happily forfeit the quick resume stuff just to be able to play games from my external USB HDD.

  10. "I'd gladly give up eating pickles just to be able to ride my bicycle". That statement makes about as much sense as what you said. One has nothing to do with the other.

  11. And they assumed I am white from the start, I never said that. I mean, I am but they still just assumed.

  12. The easement is usually acceptable a place for dogs to pee. Plus, technically it is not owned by the person whose home it is in front of (though you are supposed to mow it etc) so if someone has a problem with that you can ignore them.

  13. Wow you really dug in with the condescension there, even though you're actually wrong and proving that even executioners have a proper working tactic (at least against you, since you're so tilted over it). Not everybody plays the game the way you'd like them to or the way you think it has to be played.

  14. YTA. You should have been supportive instead of laughing at her. She will probably have the last laugh since she seems smarter than you, and shouldn’t have a problem getting a better job than you (again?) in spite of the skill selectivity you view as a liability but is likely an asset - which you probably know since you seem jealous of certain things about your gf.

  15. He thought Stormy was coming to peg him in front of his cult members and it would be clear that he liked it.

  16. Ironic, coming from someone engaging in Olympic-level mental gymnastics to convince themselves that the guy with a record of being totally unreliable (being paid by the parents of the person who was shot) is somehow telling you all the truth, but it's everyone else who's lying.

  17. It is easily verified since their autopsy isn’t hiding anything. GBI is literally holding back information when requested, did you read the article or did you get distracted by that tasty boot in your mouth?

  18. Did you even read the article I posted? Or are you too busy simping for anything anti-cop or pro-socialism?

  19. Yes I know how to read unlike a lot of the people whose boots you love to lick.

  20. Ignore them until you actually get sued. Which is not likely to happen.

  21. I was just looking for an example of a true piece of shit human being and was a bit stuck but thank you since “passes school bus and then seeks advice publicly about how to avoid paying a simple fine for it” really fits the bill better than I could have imagined.

  22. Fun Fact: Isoamyl Acetate is also used as a solvent in varnishes and lacquers. And, it was commonly used on aircraft for stiffening and windproofing fabric, and for testing the effectiveness of gas masks! It's also flammable!

  23. It is also made naturally by fruits when they ripen and isn’t unsafe to consume. Thanks for the FUD, though, it was cute.

  24. Military wife was fucking the neighborhood while her husband was deployed? Color me surprised! (/s if not completely obvious)

  25. Oh, okay, you mean the non-NATO puppet installed by the US/NATO in 2014 is now "asking" for aid to fight a country which it can never beat and hence which will never end while military contractors rake in the cash?

  26. You seem to have ignored my request for concrete examples of “worst human atrocities” while having time to blather on about vague talking points and examples of things that are not even close to what you claim. Pony up the actual facts behind your claims don’t cherry pick things you can answer with bullshit manufactured talking points.

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