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  1. Literal businessmen in my family line said that recycle anything and turn it to profit from excess papers to day old rice turning to fried rice the next day...

  2. They thought the West or East are totalitarian enough while Middle East is 1984

  3. Time to kidna... get a Twilight Cosplayer

  4. Basically they fucked around and found out

  5. So this is the American Dining experience?

  6. (throws the cache made up of crewmates into the nearby black hole)

  7. On the other hand, Kronii would've had even more Fate jokes to work with lol

  8. Her Arco bloodline is notorious for being unhinged

  9. Finally, an new Saint Graph that I'll spend for my Foreigner-class Ina!

  10. If I had a nickel for every time Kronii was mentioned in a post related to Aphrodite, I’d have enough quartz to summon the warden of time herself

  11. Cant blame it, Kroniichiwa is literally an Arco face

  12. It looks like those fake steak made with questionable meat, the peas looks like rotting, and the "vines" looks like a vegetarian's constipation.... Fitting for Mortarion!

  13. Man, I felt like Im reading a short story then it made me plunge into some greek tragedy.

  14. Philippines was an Indian colony in Chola empire.

  15. An Island, not the Philippines. Its Cebu, which the most famous descendant is Rajah Humabon, the guy who greeted Magellan

  16. Based OP, he considers American its own language

  17. English (Simplified) Southerner American is English (Mutated)

  18. She aint wrong, and the prof sounds fucking entitled

  19. Tanya: former HR head, A literal depressed man turned little girl in alternate 1917 Imperial Germany, Based

  20. Isnt that the sentient lard that FalseEyeD dissed because he's really shit at his content?

  21. Absolutely solid, looks like the Gundam stole some Imperium of Man Titan STCs or that MegasXLR episode

  22. I knew it restoration skills are useful

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