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  1. It looks like the end of next week will be very interesting! The FTD's should be bought on the open market if necessary and delivered starting next Thursday or Friday. Large amounts will continue to need to be delivered every trading day until they are all delivered. There are at least 1.5% of the 37,200,000 shares that have not been delivered. That is at least 558,000 shares that will need to be delivered soon. I believe there are way more shares that were not delivered than the 1.5% minimum to make it on the Reg Sho list. At the same time, at least 15% or 5,580,000 shares of the 37,200,000 share float is being shorted. That number is probably low too. The daily volume is also going down. Wednesday there was only around 1,000,000 total shares traded. It would take every share traded in the next six trading days just to cover all the shares that are shorted. That doesn't count all the shares that other investors will buy to go long. Most of the 500,000 retail investors are probably still under water and if they didn't sell under $16.00 probably won't be selling many if any shares. Most are buying when they can to average down. We own the float. Where will the People that failed to deliver large amounts of shares and all of the shorts going to get the shares to cover? We just passed the vote to extent the merger. Any more good news will make the share price move up. I am not selling them any of my shares. The cost to borrow shares is way up and there are very few shares around to borrow. A lot of shareholder have DRSed their shares or have them in cash accounts with their brokers that can't be borrowed. Buy if you can, hold and win! That is what I'm doing. NFA LFG DWAC/TMTG

  2. Is a SHO a shorted stock ? If so , what is the significance of what you are posting.

  3. https://www.reddit.com/r/DWAC_Stock/comments/z2jr0h/second_day_on_reg_sho_continue_on_our_buying/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=android_app&utm_name=androidcss&utm_term=1&utm_content=share_button

  4. They were trying to raise like 5 Billion recently, I wonder how that will affect this

  5. $4 Billion but this Q they forcast to lose $1.6 Billion and so far outflow of $88 Billion in six week.

  6. An outflow of $88 Billion in first 6 weeks, 10% of total AUM. At current speed, it could have up to $200 Billion outflow and bank run might be happening and definitely Loss would be widen.

  7. I’ve seen stocks on SHO list for much longer than 10 days. How do we even know this is enforced?

  8. I seldom see it more than 13 days. GME was around 30ish day in the Jan 21 squeeze. SEC should enforce it. We could only see the result as it is off the list.

  9. Thanks for posting this. Two questions (beginner here as well).

  10. Even OP is correct about the market structure and how things work, It's better to call out DTCC committing fraud as the organization turn a blind eye to naked shorting and it's easier for people outside of SuperStonk to understand.

  11. everyone should retweet ryan twit. The # of retweet should be at least equal to # of like...

  12. very great news. We have to raise public awareness that all these financial Terrorist has a political agenda and doing great harm to our investment, capital market and society!

  13. why not both? I guess he wants to beat her to death and takes the apple from her

  14. https://www.reddit.com/r/Superstonk/comments/yzta0j/cnbc_just_removed_the_video_where_thomas_petterfy/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=android_app&utm_name=androidcss&utm_term=1&utm_content=share_button

  15. Is it the video from 2021 after sneeze? Or a new video?

  16. right after the 21 sneeze. Maybe he has to make another one soon 22?23? for our upcoming BBBY squeeze.

  17. Holy! i have 27000 shares only... i wish i have more cash and could be like you!

  18. we can hodl on the way down, we could win handsomely if we could also hodl on the way up. it's time for gamma squeeze

  19. shitadel providing liquidity and internalization at its best. They create free money and short all the way down. Ken Mayo is behind all these things. By shorting DWAC into oblivion, he would get a treasury role from team Desantis?

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