I think he wanted to rape me

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  1. Saw a guy with a sign in San Francisco that said “I won’t lie. I want a beer”. I crossed the street to give him a dollar (this was 20 years ago when a dollar was a dollar)

  2. I read this book when I was pregnant with my youngest (it’s called Momma Toto) if memory serves. And it was all about the different ways women give birth around the world. This was my fav but hubs would have none of it

  3. Took my daughter to CHEO one night and every room had a patient in it and the waiting room was standing room only. I walked around and discovered there was only one doctor there. And this was before covid.

  4. Yes Ford made it so there’s one doctor in most ERs during the night.

  5. I don’t mean to come off like a dick. Dude you totally came off like a dick

  6. Thank you for sharing this! I’m buying a doll on Wednesday that’s $250 and I never thought to use business to protect myself. The irony of seeing your exchange today! And both of us as doll collectors Thanks

  7. No problem! I assume its a collector or a bjd? But still, hopefully you can actually get yours!

  8. I collect Barbie dolls. Some of them go for a lot of money. The one I’m buying toMorrow is $250 so not too bad

  9. How much food can you guy for 60 cents Usd In India? I have no idea but my guess is not a lot

  10. A liter of milk, or a full meal, or 750ml bottle of coke. From street vendors you can even get 2 full meals

  11. Sad thing is some old lady will fall for this and get scammed out of her life savings

  12. Here is another weird story about Mohamed Shihadeh. Willing to bet it was an overdose.

  13. Wow. He sure had a thing for hookers and drugs. Dalihia was a sex worker when they met if memory recalls

  14. Do people do suntanning salons ahead of time? I’ve thought some of the people who burn would benefit greatly from a base tan

  15. Why is always old white guys telling women what to do with their bodies?

  16. I'm a registered nurse, people don't crave blood to replace their iron deficiencies. They don't crave anything actually. I think she is just starving and is chopping up meat, thinking about eating, salivating, and was enticed to consume anything that is food-like.

  17. Re not craving things to make up for iron deficiencies. When I was pregnant I craved molasses. I later found out it’s high in iron. I’ve never eaten it since so I’ve always gone on the theory your body knows what it needs and will tell you

  18. Take them to the vet. The #1 reason for them going out of the litter box is because of urinary tract infections and the second one is stress and the third I believe is no litter box close enough or bad litter box conditions.

  19. My cat once peed in the bathroom sink right in front of my husband and I. There was blood in the urine. She wanted us to know

  20. I got scammed by a couple on Elgin st saying they needed to get to CHEO and didn’t have enough money for the bus and their kid was in emergency. I’d had enough cocktails that I fell for it and gave them $10. They saw me coming

  21. Yes! Probably same It was outside Maxwell. They probably wait til people have had a few drinks and are easier to manipulate

  22. I want to know what happened before this vid bc the first dude was breathing pretty hard

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