1. I’m unable to watch but im DYING to know who planted the story, can anyone tell me?

  2. Though, I have to admit that Erika made a good point about how her publicist reps both her and Nicky and it would be a dumb move to plant anti-Kathy stories. The publicist was the main person, but maybe not the only one?

  3. She gave up her career yet she's still the highest payed model, please tell me how that works

  4. “fathers, i’m gonna need you to come back from hanging out with your home boys and banging people that aren’t your wife and take care of your kids!” -Christian Walker LMAO

  5. One of my favorite writers, Kiese Laymon, loved Kanye more than I ever did and writes about him a lot. He said once in an interview that he thought Ye’s decision to be with (and ultimately marry and have children with) a white woman was about challenging white men in power. So what does this latest stunt mean? He’s graduated to identifying with white men in power?

  6. That’s been a concept that black feminists have dissected since the civil rights movement. I could be wrong about the authors but I’m pretty sure it was Kimberle Crenshaw and bell hooks who went about it in depth. The idea that some black men view marrying and having sex with white women as a f*** you to white men and assuming the white man’s position while looking down at black women. It talks about how some of them enjoy their privileges that come with sexism but feel slighted with racism and the privileges that it gives white men. While some white women enjoy the benefits of fetishization in the exchange.

  7. She only received a formal apology from the Academy this year. She was often treated as a joke by people and never taken seriously until fairly recently. I do hope she was happy with seeing so many people defending her this year, and I hope she found peace after struggling so long with cancer.

  8. I think people calling out the hypocrisy in the reaction to The Slap when other terrible things related to the Oscars have happened finally allowed for that moment to happen. It’s just sad it took almost 50 years. I read that they apologized to her again while hosting her at the Academy Museum dinner last month. I’m glad they took some accountability both publicly and privately amongst their members.

  9. Def showing my age here but the first time I saw Rinna on TV was when she guest starred on Hannah Montana. I distinctly remember being concerned over the lips LMAO

  10. Was he actually involved as a producer or just let them use his name as one for a check

  11. He was involved in the process quite a bit. Andrew Dominik developed it with him and he got Jessica Chastain attached to it after they did Tree of Life together. She eventually dropped out of the film. Also, he’s close friends with Nick Cave who did the score.

  12. Their feelings are their feelings and I’m certain their roles got dialed back when Dakota Johnson dropped out of the film but, I feel like the articles and posts on them can be almost a set up for white people to be like “be grateful you were in the film at all!”. I haven’t seen the film because the trailer was giving Stepford Wives and I loved the 70s original + the remake with Nicole Kidman so the plot is a beaten horse for me so idk if their roles were crucial to the plot or not.

  13. I can see Lisa saying that word. I have a hard time believing she said it to Jen’s children but maybe it was in jest which is still wrong. Everyone likes to gloss over Baby Gorgeous’ shady alliances and statements when it comes to race.

  14. The constant Ted Bundy garbage puts me on another lever of pissed. By people obsessing over him and retelling his story over those of his victims, they are giving him the notoriety he wanted.

  15. This is a big reason why I don’t like when endless shows and films are made about crime without being responsible in its depiction. There have been so many mass murderers that have admitted or written in their manifestos that they wanted that kind of notoriety for themselves.

  16. Who knew actually liking your wife publicly made you a “wife guy”? How bleak.

  17. The problem is that you make it your personality. Like saying you are “nice guy,” if you constantly need to tell people you are nice or that you love your wife then something is up.

  18. That makes more sense because some of these men on the list I’m like they just enjoy their wife and defend them.

  19. This doesn't count, just an observation, but people seem to have less & less patience with celebrities in general

  20. I agree, I think the pandemic really caused a shift in how the general public see celebrities and Hollywood in general. There’s no patience for the B.S. and PR and as everyone realized their own humanity, they saw it in celebs. There’s a little bit of a panic within every corner of the entertainment industry about the future of it all. Music isn’t selling like it used to, shows aren’t getting renewed as quickly, and films are having a tough time getting made. I wouldn’t blame streaming for all of it either, people are just tired of the overexposure and out of touch attitude in the industry.

  21. Streaming services, in general, caused independent artists to thrive more. They can upload their own material to DSPs or opt for distribution deals which was a huge hit to record labels. The pandemic impacted the labels even more because it ruined things like touring, album rollouts, etc., and it cut into the money that would go into promotion. Artists are still dealing with that, which is why there’s an influx of artists getting on platforms like TikTok to do their own promo in the last 2 years. Labels are reluctant to spend money on the smaller artists on their roster in favor of their bigger names, but even they aren’t getting what they usually would in terms of marketing dollars. Less marketing led to fewer people buying music in general. Artists are relying more on their labels sending music to radio for promotion, and it’s been impacting overall sale points more compared to streaming and digital + physical sales. Billboard has the points system set up on their charts, and the trend from right before the pandemic to now is there.

  22. I’m surprised Heather’s judging a little bit considering what she’s said about the Mormon church for the past two seasons. Religious indoctrination and fear-mongering is so real smh :(

  23. Elaine Welteroth’s LA home and Lenny Kravitz’s Miami home. Very 70s futuristic for both. Britney shot her album/singles covers in Lenny’s home during the Oops I Did It Again era.

  24. They make the most beautiful people look so basic and bland, that’s a talent in itself I guess😭

  25. Idk what their beef is about but British Vogue during his era has been better than any recent American Vogue editorials.

  26. I'll admit, there's part of me that thought she would never do it after she turned it down a few years ago out of solidarity with Colin Kaepernick, but I'm SO excited!

  27. Yea she said she would never do it because “she couldn’t be a sellout or enabler” but Jay-Z’s in charge of entertainment at the NFL so maybe that’s why she changed her tune. I’ll be watching though, I haven’t seen her perform in years.

  28. Jay Z was trash for doing this and basically had to ask for Kaepernick's forgiveness after the fact. At the end of the day I guess money will outweigh integrity for the rich like Jay Z

  29. Yea and Rihanna was one of the loudest celebs against that whole deal but now she’s performing which makes me think that maybe it was just a deal gone wrong in the first place rather than anything about racial equality.

  30. BREAKING NEWS: Man stands on his idea that a woman is incapable of self-agency and has terrible views on mental health. Groundbreaking!

  31. Mary from SLC! The only thing I liked was that green bathroom because green is my favorite color lol. I couldn’t help myself with the green marble. Other than that it was just a lot.

  32. The way people harassed her for not wanting another season on top of this, I can see why she struggled with her mental health to the point of wanting to take her life. These higher ups need to get dealt with and I hate that Hollywood acts like Weinstein was the beginning and end of sexual abuse over there.

  33. I’d say probably every celeb that doesn’t have a parasocial relationship with their fans and are more private with their lives. In those cases, their fans are just constantly guessing and assuming what’s going on with their career, life, and character so that leaves room for disconnect.

  34. I agree unless it’s the person’s work or any possible discrimination or crime happening, I don’t care to know.

  35. Addendum to the Brad-Angelina-Aniston scandal, Billy Bod Thornton and Angelina running off to get married, much to the surprise of his fiancé Laura Dern.

  36. And then Laura Dern taking her pain to her future ex-husband Ben Harper and having an affair with him while his wife had just given birth. Hollywood: the land of the affair, home of the wreckers.

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