1. Please tell us who you’re rooting for today. That way we’ll know not to pick them. Thanks

  2. Haha i think i’ll stop for a few days. I had denmark earlier and i was not sure how in the hell someone can lose a 2-goal lead.

  3. ah yes, a classic tale of gambling back all of your winnings. you can still be an addict with small bets, the amount you are betting doesn't matter. if you want to stop but can't, that's when you know you are an addict.

  4. United +5.5 has to be a lock, most in form team atm

  5. Taking the old lady out for valentines dinner and won’t be able to live bet them?

  6. If you want a serious answer, the Mavs are the only team I’d take against the spread at -7.5. Maybe Philly. Moneyline, Mavs and Jazz

  7. Idts honestly. Miami won the past 2 games and Giannis and Chris didn’t play. I think the Bucks got a better chance this time.

  8. I was on route to win a 9 game accumulator bet and arsenal fucked me. Lost a potential 2800 dollar win

  9. I’ve always lost my parlays too, started doing 2 leg parlays at most and have had much better luck .. less of a win but it’s better than losing

  10. Hey can i know what app/website is this? Cause I’ve been using 1xbet and it ain’t like this

  11. You won’t get any ownership over it. Its just a job offer like any other where its the normal business update without the ability to sell the company..

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