Will Mage Tower Artifact Appearances return, They are too Unique to Class Identity to be relagated to be FOMO items forever

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  1. A tip to all DPS: CC the off target DPS and focus the same person

  2. Good luck on that. Half the time the dps doesn't speak to each other and do their own thing

  3. The people who demand Louis C.K, Dave Chapelle any one else they dont agree with backfires on them and makes them more popular. It's funny to watch

  4. Yet in France they're trying to raise retirement from 62 to 64 and they're having nation wide strikes.

  5. Electricity companies are with the people on it. Giving them discounts to them and cutting off power to the wealthy. Makes me smile

  6. Jin'rohk The Great Apocalypse from original Zul'aman.

  7. Such to try to unlock zin'rokh from archeology. Rng is a bitch

  8. I have solved over two hundred troll archaeology pieces. No sword yet. 😥

  9. Was a trick that went unnoticed by blizzard when spirits of harmony became Boe you could buy archeological pieces with them. Ranging from nerubian to troll etc. Makes me sad I forgot that existed and may have been my golden key to getting the weapon

  10. Probably because he's not the top president.

  11. Yeah and cigarette companies' campaigned saying smoking was good for you. We know both are lies

  12. Well no they shouldn't return. Yes the FOMO sucks but its been part of the game for awhile. Look at elite pvp sets. If you want them get them when they're available.

  13. Some reason it happens when I'm in the balance spec rest is fine

  14. Rising interest rates and inflation look to be ending

  15. Toronto has no rentals left! The average rent cost in Canada is 2k a month! Chicken breasts are $40! Hospitals are collapsing! Random violent attacks on the daily!

  16. To also mention a premade salad by loblaws is 42$. Kidding you can make that with half of the amount

  17. All politics seem to be is crabs In the barrel example

  18. Prices will fall but the interest rates will go higher. Nice try bank of Canada

  19. NDP is just the liberals pawn. Only use them to get a majority and pretty much it

  20. Congresspeople need to stop trading stocks; no question. I’m still not signing up for shit Hawley wants without reading the fine print. Dude is a snake.

  21. First we hook em to the internet! THEN we make them require a subscription!

  22. I mean an inch is already alot what could they possibly want more?

  23. We're not at hyperinflation but I calculate my inflation via ice cream. Yessir, chocolate ice cream.

  24. Last snap election was just an attempt at a power grab it had nothing do with trying to better the country at all.

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