1. Be careful if you’re going to eat them, what were they stored in? You could get sick if they are moldy

  2. Should I store it in the fridge? I don't know anything about mushrooms, but Im hearing all good tips like it's not good to have more than 3 grams.

  3. Those look like Psilocybin Cubensis Mushrooms aka magic mushrooms. Have a nice flight lol

  4. HOLY CRAP 😳🥲😅ARE SERIOUS?!?!?! OMG LOL U MADE MY DAY with this good news!!! Thanks thanks!!!

  5. Can’t find the link anywhere. Why all this censorship nowadays. Google will not help either.

  6. Here on earth we occupy 1% of our land. The other 99% is water. We know about 5% of our oceans. How can we be so arrogant about anything?

  7. I am skeptical about any video that doesn't defy the laws of physics. It could be real, but not interesting enough to make us all go crazy about it. I am Brazilian and I saw this on Youtube the other day. What makes it hard to believe is the fact that some of these people who witness these objects don't stay longer! I mean, dude look at this amazing thing, but I will record about one minute of it. Really? Man, I would stay until my phone battery died or the object totally moved away from me. Some of these guys probably cut the part that makes us realize it's not real!

  8. well I can tell you, my wife and I personally saw one, very close, right off the highway late at night while driving. A massive black triangle hovering impossibly silent right over the tree line to our right. It was so fucking unbelievable that we literally couldn't even think to pull out our phones. Monkey brain got paralyzed by the impossible thing we were seeing. Like why didn't I pull over? I'm not sure. Shock. But as soon as we passed it we both were like holy fuck. Whatever technology it was using to stay up in the air definitly wasnt a jet engine or a propeller I can tell ya that.

  9. Man, I can’t believe I found someone with a very similar experience I had with my wife. Lol It was bizarre man. We saw this same ufo you described in Jacksonville Florida in 2015. It was MASSIVE and it was just there hovering and it didn’t make any sound!! The best thing about it is that it all happened in daylight!!! So you can imagine how we felt. I felt just like you described in your experience “we literally couldn't even think to pull out our phones” We were absolutely petrified and it was very early morning and we were driving on a highway at 30 miles per hour😅This thing disappeared and showed up in another position. That probably meant our eyes couldn’t catch its speed. I never write here on Reddit, but I had to share this one with you. We hate that we didn’t make a video but we love that we were there witnessing that together. We don’t do any drugs...and that includes alcohol. Lol so we know what we saw and it changed our lives because we never believed or talked about this subject, but now we research and talk about it a lot! Anyway, I thought I’d share with you!

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