1. They made different kinds of carts to cater to more price points, with their new distillate carts/pods starting at $40. They also have the CO2-extracted carts/pods at $55 and the live resin is still at $70. I’m missing something but that sums it up for now.

  2. I also have the 55” C2 with an LG sound bar. IMHO, I would not purchase this tv again. I had a Sony Bravia 750h I believe was the model number. I liked the UI and the sound from the sound bar was amazing. The UI on the C2 definitely needs an overhaul. The picture quality is good, but my jaw doesn’t drop as I thought it would because of all the stellar reviews the TV received. I really wish I would’ve waited and got the Sony Bravia XR A90J or A95K. The picture is better and the user interface is much more intuitive. As I said, this is just my personal opinion. I hope you enjoy your purchase.

  3. What's up w/Riviera Creeks rosin Luster pods --- have you, or are you able to review that particular one for us ..... anyone ?

  4. I can say that I purchased 4 of the Riviera Creek Garlic Cookies luster pods from Bloom over the last month. Not one of the pods had the familiar RC sticker that it’s supposed to have and the effects were nothing like I have had in the past from Riviera Creek. I’ve become extremely disappointed in and with this “medical” program.

  5. Do you have to connect the soundbar to the HDMI ARC input in order to be able to control the soundbar with the TV remote controller or does it also work if you connect with the digital optical cable?

  6. Pretty sure as long as it is not suede, nubuck or anything related, it should be good.

  7. I would say Black 3s because they would be easiest to clean. Nice collection bro! The 6 Infrareds are my favorite pair but I never wear them because I’d be destroyed if they were ruined. What do you think of the Cherry 11s?

  8. Have you tried Ancient Roots live rosin? Honestly haven’t tried standard’s yet because I haven’t heard much good about it, but AR blows firelands out of the water imo. Their grape cream cake was the heaviest caryophollene strain I’ve ever tried, straight spicy.

  9. The AR Grape Cream Cake live badder is 🔥!!! I did pick up some Firelands Scientific Strawberries and Cream live rosin and it’s very good, but it leaves an aftertaste. I’ve had their Salty Watermelon rosin and also their Switchberry rosin and both were good. They were moist, flavorful, and strong. However, Ancient Roots burns cleanly, leaving a small puddle of amber fluid to clean up. I have the Hich Octane x Triangle Kush BX2 live badder, and it’s excellent. The top terps are limonene (22mg), linalool (7mg), and b-pinene (4mg). I also have AR’s Strawberry Cooler Jam which, again, is 🔥. Myrcene (24mg), limonene (14mg), and Carophyllene (12mg) are the top terpenes. It’s very tasty and very clean. I’ve been trying Lighthouse Science’s latest creations, and I must say, they are very good. I’ve had all the terp cremes, but I haven’t tried the sugar or the flan. The Standard’s Animal Fire OG was amazing! It tasted great, smelled great, was oily, and the effects were good for relaxing at night. I’m thinking of trying more of The Standard’s rosin products. Any recommendations?

  10. i saw ur comments go with the air and buy accessories from the money u saved if u want

  11. Thank you! That’s what I’ve decided to do. I have a MacBook Pro M1 so I’ll be fine with the Air.

  12. but before u buy ima tell u something

  13. Yeah that’s definitely a better idea. I’ll the use leftover money for accessories. Thank you, I appreciate it!

  14. Where did you get it for that price! I’m trying desperately to find a 16gb version but the cheapest is 900$

  15. May I ask where you found one for $900? I have an M1 MB Pro but the housing needs to be replaced because I dropped it at the airport. There’s an iPad Pro 12.9” M1 with 256GB RAM for $900.

  16. Honeycomb is like a crumble, however it's puffed out under a vacuum before I 'set' it to produce a honeycomb-like texture and appearance. It's mostly visual, but I like making 'em! Also the pockets that form make breaking a little bit off easier, tends to be a smidge softer than standard crumbles.

  17. Thank you for your magnificent efforts to provide clean, quality medicine at an affordable price point! I also enjoy the fact that you interact with us and explain your processes clearly and concisely without being condescending. I look forward to hearing more about your work and your products! Thanks again!

  18. That Arnie Palmer is gonna be hard to top. Prolly the best tasting extract I’ve ever had period.

  19. Could you describe the flavor please? I’m looking for some good carts or pods as long as they taste good and are potent. No distillate carts or pods please.

  20. Comparison to the Runtz is what got me.. those were so damn good

  21. Thanks! I’ve been trying a lot of strains and as a budtender, you start to understand what ppl are looking for and how to find it

  22. I apologize for asking, but how does one go about obtaining a job at a dispensary? Is there a specific degree needed? I guess that would depend on the position…Again, I apologize for asking.

  23. Good calling this! Yeah I think overall I'm just gonna get the c2 tomorrow. Excited! Wonder if I can haggle the warranty coverage for a cheaper price! Hah

  24. Please take this with a grain of salt, as I read an article that stated that because of low demand in OLED TV’s, LG posted a sharp decline in losses last quarter. News of the steep decline in profits surprised consumers and had investors reeling. Low demand in the technology, due to a number of factors, including war in Ukraine, the energy crisis, and sky-rocketing inflation have caused LG Display, the part of LG that provides OLED panels to all manufacturers except Samsung, to post over a half billion dollars in losses at the end of the 3rd quarter, 2022. This is in stark contrast in comparison to last year’s profits of $370 million at this same point in time. What this means for consumers is that prices of the televisions may begin to fall by as early as Black Friday. Demand is not expected to increase much over the next year, as the cost-of-living increase has many scaling back their budgets, leaving little room for extras. Wait and see might be a viable strategy to try score a cheaper price, but that’s not guaranteed. Keep your receipt.

  25. Sorry for the delay. I'm no scientist. Just an amature enthusiast, patient, and longtime closeted stoner.

  26. I apologize for butting in, but I just tried the Layer Cake live resin cartridges from GO/BE and they are absolutely awesome! They taste exactly like the very first live resin cartridges I have ever had, and those were some of the best live resin carts I have tried.

  27. have you tried standard wellness? i’m really interested in them because they make a lot of full gram tanks, and i’ve heard pretty good stuff abt em

  28. Remember that full gram carts eat up 2 days from your 45 day fill period, whereas the .84 carts only eat up 1 day. Just something to think about…Klutch live resin luster pods are supposed to be 100% HTFSE extracted using propane and butane. That’s what the label says. I have sampled most of their live resin pods and I will say that Klutch’s Orange 43 live resin luster pods are one of the best products in the program as far as flavor and potency (the Apricot Gelato x Jealousy live resin luster pod has an awesome flavor as well, just not as potent as the Orange 43). Cresco has carts that are supposed to be 100% live resin from HTFSE too. The Klutch pods taste and smell pretty much just like each strain does. The Cresco carts taste more like live resin, not exactly as strain-specific as Klutch, but I like the taste of live resin. I would avoid half gram and less carts if you can. They burn up quickly and they eat up 1 day. Avoid the Firelands Scientific hash rosin carts, I had a bad experience with them, they’re only half grams, and they’re extremely expensive.

  29. I swear you guys don’t know how fucked we’re getting here with both quality and price. These carts are mid as hell and expensive. The effects are so minimal compared to some out of state brands that’s it’s sad

  30. Hey I totally agree with you…do you know of any good cart brands in Michigan besides Element and their live resin carts? I used to go to Michigan but it’s been about a year, maybe a little longer. We used to get Select’s carts and at first they were great and then they started tasting terrible. I tried Church and Platinum Vape and was disappointed with those as well. I wasn’t hip to live resin carts back then. Any recommendations on some good, potent, non-distillate carts please? $77.39/.5g for a Cresco MAC liquid live resin cart here?!?!?!

  31. I swear I had a motorbreath pod without the JD branding and loved it. Regardless, hear nothing but good things from this

  32. Their Motorbreath is CO2 cart/pod is always good. Their Live Resin pods are excellent. As far as flavor, the Apricot Gelato x Jealousy, the Orange 43, and the Ice Cream Cake taste phenomenal and they’re potent. As someone mentioned above, it’s more about your personal preferences and what works best for you. So you need to look at the terpene profiles to see if the product you’re interested in will be beneficial for you. The Orange 43 flower is good, as is the MAC 1. Triangle Mints, Ice Cream Cake, and Big Head are some others that you can look at and evaluate.

  33. 37.4% indica, bold earthy / sweet lemon. Probs my new go to for movie night. Some of the most potent flower on the market. I scooped 5 10ths @ verdant creations 20% off for $198 yesterday.

  34. Nice score! Does it tasty fruity or citrusy? I’m looking for something different. I always stick with Klutch, Galenas, Pure Ohio Wellness and Woodward/Fire Rock flower. I’d like to try something different, but I’m weary of trying new things in this program without doing some homework first because this is an expensive rabbit hole to navigate. Plus, any dispensary is an hour from here and the gas prices are cutting into my medicine budget. I took a gamble on some OCL flower, but it was old and stale. I was wondering if any of the Buckeye Relief or Butterfly Effect flower is any good? I’ve had Lava Cake but I wasn’t impressed. It had almost no visible resin glands on it. I like Indica’s or hybrids that have a good flavor, as in sweet, berry, and/or citrusy. I can recommend the Klutch live resin carts, with Apricot Gelato x Jealousy, Ice Cream Cake, and Orange 43 being the best of them right now, although I have not tried the Tiki Kiwi flavor yet. I will say that the very first round of Orange 43 carts that hit the northeast back in late February or early March, the Orange 43 cart was not a sativa, it was more of a hybrid or almost an indica because it was very potent, to the point of putting you to sleep if you overindulge. Now the sativa label is correct, which is unfortunate because I grabbed a bunch thinking they would be the same. Oh well, I don’t drink coffee so I can use the Orange 43 pods to keep me going during the day I just have to make sure I don’t hit it too much or I get the dreaded sativa-induced anxiety.

  35. I just got a one gram of that same Strawberry Cooler live rosin jam at Bloom in Seven Mile! I think it was like $50 on sale. I had their "Squared Away" live rosin dablicator recently and had the Forza San Souchi live rosin concentrate a while ago.

  36. Love your remark, put that on a bumper sticker. One would've expected a wizard's answer to be more insightful & thought provoking.

  37. “Put that on a bumper sticker”😂 Why is it so difficult to ask a question and get a straight answer?! That was hilarious🤣

  38. Lol fine. Rosin is the closest dabbing experience to ripping a full bowl in flavor high and feeling. Plus the nose on it is strong flower nose.

  39. They’re comparable, why aren’t they? Just because they’re different products doesn’t mean they can’t be compared so the person has an idea of what they’re looking at. Some people are new to this and need help with what to get, the best brands, etc. It’s very expensive to experiment in this state. Give the person a break.

  40. Sounds like you just enjoyed it and smoked it like crazy 🤣. Mine lasted just as long as Co2 honestly and I’ve gone through a couple now

  41. Hello. I’m hoping you won’t mind if I asked you a few simple questions? If you do mind, just stop reading, I understand. If you don’t mind, what brands of live resin cartridges or pods would you recommend? In my area, Certified, BE, and BR have live resin carts or pods available. I know that BR has a lot of live resin-infused distillate carts. There are some, such as Slapz, that say 100% live resin. Is that 100% true or is it also infused? I know the Klutch LR pods go quickly, but I really like the Orange 43 and the Apricot Gelato x Jealousy, in that order, and I also like some of the others. Orange 43 came around a couple of times, but I haven’t seen them since about 6 or 8 weeks or so after they first dropped. Also, would you recommend Lemon Dosidos, Super Sour Orange, or any other flower from BR. I know one is an indica and one is a sativa, but I don’t mind a sativa if it’s tasty. I know I’m in the minority when I say this, but I wasn’t a fan of the Layer Cake flower. It wasn’t much to look at and the taste wasn’t very good, but that’s just my own opinion. I could’ve just gotten a bad batch or something like that because I read and have read a lot of comments saying that Layer Cake is their go-to cart or flower. Everyone has their own tastes and I don’t hate on anyone for what they like. I hate to use clichés, but to each their own. I have another question I’d like to ask, I really hope you don’t mind. I just wonder why people don’t like the flower from Pure Ohio Wellness. I know their GMO Cookies is very different from Riviera Creek’s GMO Cookies, but I thought it was still nice, chunky buds covered in trichomes. It tasted good as well. Anytime I’ve said this people tell me that POW rolls their flower in kief. I’m hoping that POW is a good company. Galenas has a few good strains: Blueberry Cookies, Electric Peanut Butter Cookies, and Second Breakfast. I was able to get an Artifact jar of the BC and the SB. I didn’t care much for Snowball. Ok, I’ve gone on long enough. I apologize.

  42. The Firelands pods are great, for sure. Klutch is still the best, but it's damn close, at least for regulars.

  43. The Klutch Orange 43 live resin Luster Pods are one of the best products available in Ohio, if they ever become available again. How are the FS Tally Mon and Salty Watermelon Luster Pods as far as taste and potency? Does anyone know when Klutch is going to produce more of the Orange 43 LR pods and/or carts?

  44. If I was able to buy enough from the program to medicate I would be into 6 figures.

  45. Just out of curiosity, how much do you need to keep you comfortable? I have a high tolerance and I’ve been using more than I normally do because I’ve been having trouble sleeping and because I’ve been having problems with my stomach. Is there any particular strain or extract you would recommend for pain?

  46. I medicate for ALOT. I'm a combat vet and got thrashed pretty hard over my deployments. I grow, press/extract, as well as making all my own edibles/tinctures/and topicals. My pain dose I make extremely potent gummies. Useally about a quarter ounce of my lower quality shatter and make 60 gummies dosed every 12hrs for the month. For gut issues and really anything your on the right track looking at strains vs indinca/saliva. I find personally cirtrus terpenes like limonene work amazing for my nausea and appetite. For pain I look for earthy terps like pinene. Combinding terps other cannbaniods and different forms of thc tailored to treat your symptoms is really the beat use of this medicine.

  47. I’m terribly sorry to hear about the injuries you’ve sustained while involved in direct action. Thank you for your service to our country. You obviously have a great grasp on how to work the program, and also on how to make decisions on purchases using more than the just the amount of thc. That’s great that you were able to start creating your own extracts! Would you happen to have any tips on making edibles? Specifically, how do you ensure that each cookie, gummy, or whatever the medium, gets the same dose as the others in the batch? I apologize for throwing all the questions at you. You seem to be very knowledgeable about mj and how to use it to your benefit. I’ve only had my card for 7 or 8 months, but I’ve spent a significant amount of money on trying to find products that provide the right kind of relief, while still tasting great. The Beneleaves Smokiez Blackberry gummies are amazingly flavorful so much so that I would buy them even if they didn’t contain thc or cbd. For some reason, edibles are hit and miss for me. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t. A few people have suggested the reason that they don’t always affect me is because I had my gallbladder removed so it’s harder for my body to digest fats. I will ask my doctor at my next appointment. It definitely sucks when all your friends are having a great time riding the edibles out and you’re the only person that had it not work. Have you tried diamonds?

  48. How is the taste? Have you tried any of the other Certified live resin carts? I’m just curious because I really enjoy and prefer live resin carts to standard co2 oil carts (there are some really good ones, please don’t get me wrong, it’s just a personal preference).

  49. I ordered in July or August of last year and they told me Q3. I’m hoping something happens. If not I may try to find one on EBay, but I really don’t want to pay scalper prices.

  50. They’ve definitely gotten better than when they first started but nothing great. I think the best exp I’ve had in Ohio so far was a bloom store in Columbus. Pre ordered, in and out in 15 mins, even with filling out the first time patient bs waste of paper… and the regular prices were slightly better AND they accepted debit cards. It felt like I was in the year 2022 or something. Crazy!

  51. “It felt like I was in the year 2022 or something” that’s hilarious! I would love to hit up some dispos down there, but it’s 3 hours from me. I’d like to know how they accept debit cards since no bank can legally take their money. Do you have any product recommendations? I like flower, extracts, and carts. I’m really only a fan of live resin carts or pods. If you can get a Klutch Orange 43 pod or 20 of them do it, they’re amazing!

  52. Typically they get around restrictions by processing the card transaction as an ATM withdrawal that is integrated with their POS system. So it feels like paying with debit but it’s essentially using an ATM linked to the register.

  53. Thank you very much for your explanation! I wondered how it was possible, but I understand what you’re saying. Thanks again!

  54. I really like the ICC x pineapple cake LR, it was perfect balanced. Never got to try the ICC LR luster but could only imagine it was ultra tasty! Definitely jealousy x Apricot was delicious and 043 is a staple point strain. I really can't wait till Woodward starts making lusters, that Blueberry Cheesecake would be so good. Had some Catfish from Klutch, would love to see that in a LR.

  55. The Klutch Live Resin ICC luster pod doesn’t taste good. The only Klutch live resin pod I haven’t tried is Big Head. As the poster above says, the best live resin luster pods from Klutch are the Orange 43 first, then the Apricot Gelato x Jealousy. The taste and potency of the first batch of Orange 43 live resin pods were absolutely amazing! Unfortunately, the Orange 43 live resin pods came back around, but I only found 2 at 1am because this is by far my favorite live resin cart I’ve tried in Ohio’s program. My next favorite live resin carts would be MAC from Cresco, not the Supply line.

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