1. Today is day 5 and day 1 felt good like it lasted longer. The past three days have come with stomach aches and noticeable anxiety. Maybe an adjustment period? But if this continues, I’ll need a different option because these symptoms are not worth it to me.

  2. Same. I got my generic from Alvo. Which manufacturer is yours? I noticed significant changes and also side effects I never had on the brand name. I might just stick with the brand name after this or beg my pharmacy to switch the rest of my generic vyvanse lol. Something I noticed was I need to eat all my meals throughout the day ESPECIALLY breakfast or else i get some nasty side effects.

  3. Yes. It does. I got mine filled as generic this week.

  4. is it making you super nauseous? I feel like I have been nauseous and dizzy since taking the generic

  5. One is for fluid injections (mls)…the other is for insulin (units)…nursing 1:1

  6. My order is $376.55 with 8 items that I got on a sale and I’m pretty sure my order is part of this BS. I placed an order on August 24 and the EST delivery date was today, (August 31, 2023).

  7. no clue but the case is still “under investigation” in the meantime I asked abercrombie to just refund me the money and they are. So frustrating because this is not the first time with laser ship

  8. UPDATE!! They’re delivering my package with FedEx. I told myself IDGAF if it takes forever for this shit to come, I WANT THE STUFF I GOT.

  9. in addition to the jogging videos I was also horrified by the young girls in lingerie videos obviously being trafficked

  10. a baby: strong epidural she didn’t know the baby slipped out went in because the baby was off the monitor and there it was under the blankets

  11. Mandatory OT for short staffing, especially when my department is the only one that has to do it at my hospital. I can’t wait to get away from bedside nursing lol.

  12. I was once mandated to stay 16 hours because there wasn’t a nurse to take my patient at 1900. They said if I refused I would be written up for abandonment

  13. I can’t explain to you what your post did to my face. Squished up ugly cry face. I am really struggling with this move and I know it’s because my son has been so safe growing up knowing these kids since kindergarten and came out when he was 7. He’ll be 13 at the end of the month and it’s killing me to leave. My kids gravitate towards the queer kids too so it feels like our life is filled with them and I am grateful to know that it’s the same there. Sigh of relief.

  14. I also saw your post on fb but I hate commenting on there. My son just graduated and in his class alone there were 2 transgender people and a pretty big group of lgbtq. Those who were not were completely accepting. Honestly the only issues I heard of were a couple adults. My daughter is in 9th grade and all of them are so accepting of each other. The school is very welcoming and supportive as well (Schuylerville)

  15. Lgtbqa seems to be fine here it's us blacks and mexicans that gotta worry. I'm sure ya'll will be fine.

  16. i’m sorry but what? “blacks and mexicans” don’t need to worry! Stop spreading misinformation

  17. I don't know if you're still looking at UAF, but I would add two things to the discussion:

  18. sorry to inform everyone but this is a completely normal newborn reflex. If you let them skin to skin they will crawl up to breast

  19. Burrito , white, no beans half chicken half steak, red salsa light cheese, shit be hitting when you high

  20. You know, this is always a subject on here about how horrible families are for keeping loved ones alive. It's always assumed that they are either evil and want to keep them alive for nefarious reasons, or they are stupid and cruel.

  21. I hate it when nurses have such an issue with this. As a nurse it isn’t our job to insert our own personal opinions into practice. We are there to take care of the patient and family.

  22. Peloton, baking, obsessing over Bridgerton and collecting perfume.

  23. My current top 3 are Vanilla Musk by Nemat, Debaser by DS&Durga, and Friday by Arielle Shoshana. :)

  24. Much like the Republican led Congress, your manager can’t afford to alienate a single member of the (team), would cause a complete collapse of the system. And even worse make them look inept to those above in the hierarchy. So now we must endure the most entitled, stupid and useless coworkers, more so than ever before.

  25. Used to have a manager who was always trying to be everybody’s friend. Honestly reminded me of a used car salesman. The techs on our floor were so used to just not doing work - still remember having simultaneous rapids on two of my patients and asking a tech for an EKG, she rolled her eyes and said “that’s not my patient” before going back to her phone. Manager knew of this issue - travelers, float pool, our own staff brought it up constantly. He refused to intervene, saying that we nurses needed to empower ourselves to delegate. AKA, he knew how bad it was but was afraid of being unlikeable. How do you delegate to someone who flat out tells you no? Every new tech we hired either quit after a few months because they were tired of doing other peoples’ jobs, or they realized they could take two hour breaks without anyone saying anything and sunk to the status quo.

  26. this is currently my issue. Literally the techs do absolutely nothing all day, half of the nurses do the other half’s job because they have gotten away with so much for so long.

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