Can someone expalin this plz

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  1. This is Rhythm right? Cookies and Dream by them is amazing!

  2. What’s causing the hip pain? Is it definitely osteoporosis or similar?

  3. It’s definitely osteoarthritis, and if I could get him to actually sit for a bit that would be great, and I may try it for myself as my hip pain is so bad I haven’t been able to sit long enough to watch a full TV show in over a year

  4. Transdermal patches or rub from muv would be a good place to start

  5. Have you had personal experience with the rubs? I really think something like that would be a good option for him but they are rather expensive if they work no better than bengay or something

  6. You should probably just use hot water or alcohol instead. The washing machine will break your rig.

  7. I got one from bloom seven mile and it looks beautiful, smells ok, tastes like straight up mildew.

  8. First time I’ve ever came across somebody who actually got fake shit for wax

  9. I got some honey/sugar once. It was from a (at the time) trusted relative. I actually took like three big dabs thinking I had to be wrong about what it was. That was the last time I bought black market dabs

  10. I think it might look like that because of the translucent pink mouth piece , but I definitely don’t wrap my lips around the rig when I rip it.

  11. Klutch Mac 1 got me 27% return. Buckeye relief is another brand you should try. NYC flo, lemon dosi, koko, 92 cookies. Ancient roots la Kush cake and Jealousy both good returns but hard to find their flower in halves

  12. Me too! Southern for me. I generally see good quality stuff go for $15-$20 a gram, just picked up a baller jar of some tasty platinum dosi. 2.5g for $30

  13. These were Christmas presents last year. I just discovered this group yesterday. I can’t wait to post more of my week on here

  14. Haha, I was just playing. The recipients of those gifts were some very lucky people!!

  15. What was it that Schumer said last year? Something along the lines of it being legal by this year's 4/20?

  16. I don't like it I just like fixing things ya know

  17. Even without the break that thing looks unhealthy, when did you last clean it?

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