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Stop making excuses for the Suns. The Pelicans are without Zion.

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  1. People think it’s that easy lol. Like getting $300K is randomly gonna turn your into a multi-millionaire.

  2. With 300k, it's pretty easy to make millions unless you're a complete idiot. Billions of course is a different story but I can do millions easy. I'm not special at all.

  3. Laugh all you want. I can't believe people are so dumb. Seriously sitting here thinking, are these people really that stupid?

  4. Probably a healthy add. As long as they don’t do role queue, I’m down for whatever

  5. Role queue is the worst. It ruined OW for me. I was pretty solid on many roles. It helped me in competitive until it didn't. Come to find out, I'm not much of a role specialist.

  6. Not only do you need to help setup the kills, someone needs to be there to trade. The space is usually more important than the kills. Once you take the space, the kills are easier. It puts your opponent in uncomfortable positions where it's easier to kill them.

  7. Ofc it's good to get exits in most situations. It's also good to save in a lot of situations, but people rarely save in valorant, even in immortal 3. I feel like in cs people would save all the time

  8. People act like I'm throwing when I save. It will be 5 v 1 retake and they're complaining that I'm saving. Of course, they don't even know that's a thing. They make comments like I'm going the wrong way, stuff like that.

  9. CP3 leadership equivalent to a 30/15 statline according to experts

  10. Not necessarily, there are also mineral rights. In many places, people usually don't own their own mineral rights.

  11. I know right, I feel this everyday, btw what is this lurk that people keep mentioning? is it like camp a corner and wait for someone to pass by?

  12. Nah lurking is when you split from the team, push through alone. Less than ideal for duelists. It's usually more something you see sentinels and sometimes controllers do.

  13. Have you ever tried going off controller though? 90% of fillers have no idea how to even put one smoke properly. The moment you pick another agent you're at the mercy of RNG, because your controller will now probably be ass. Lol. That's the main reason I play controllers, nobody else can. Guy picks Brimstone because he fills and then puts 3 smokes per half

  14. That's how I started playing Omen. People would just drop smokes on top of the their own team for unknown reasons or not use the smokes at all.

  15. Choke Paul 3 has arrived. People really give him such a big pass sdespite his flopping and playoff failures.

  16. I was really hoping covid would make employers take illness more seriously. I know it made me reconsider just, "toughing it out." I've probably given people all kinds of illnesses because I chose to spread whatever I had.

  17. yeah, with your last part, a game shouodnt be balanced around “but i spent so much time practicing it!!!!” balance doesn’t care about that kinda stuff lmao

  18. It sucks but anyone who has ever played a game for a significant amount of time has been the victim of nerfs. That's just how it goes.

  19. Interesting tournament. Zeta looked like the worst to finish 3rd. Optic losing to early. Then losing to Loud. Then beating Loud.

  20. zeta's run was probbly the most exciting part of this entire master,day 1...they were considered by EVERYONE to basically be double first rounded in groups. if they run i nto anyone but optic in losers final,they probbly get top 2

  21. Yeah you're probably right. It was pretty amazing especially since Zeta were blown out in their first match.

  22. For some reason, I thought he jsut relocated to Austin. It makes sense. It is the type of thing you may think would come out of older unique Austin. Mainly due to the fact that conspiracy theory stuff was far from mainstream at the time. Not necessarily as a representation of people on the area.

  23. It's been a while but I feel like this one is there for the taking.

  24. Anyone talking about civil war at this point is an idiot who doesn’t understand military history. The US is nowhere close to the point of an actual civil war. Just because one party is using occasional terrorism and violence does not mean a war is coming. It’s just plain old terrorism.

  25. The bigger idiots don't see that we are in a civil war. Look at these laws passed in red states. It's a different type of war.

  26. Did I say that? You may want to work on your reading comprehension. Especially since you want to be so pretentious. It's a good skill to have.

  27. GoT still appears on the HBO Max and pirated site popular/most watched sections.

  28. Conleth Hill was clearly disappointed that the writers lost sight of what his character's role was in the story after season five. He's there to bring Tyrion to Dany as part of his long game, but nothing else for his character after that really matters, he's just taking up time. Same for Petyr Baelish. D&D had no clue what to do with the clever characters once they ran out of book storylines for them.

  29. Honestly, Tyrion becomes pretty unbearable in the books. Show version is a but of an upgrade.

  30. Yay was pretty good too. If yay and Victor are going to both play like this....

  31. The funniest thing is that victor hasn’t used ult once. Neon will be so meta of riot buff her ult like they should

  32. Ehh, ult is probably fine. Strafe to aim. Even Victor kind of just walked forward with it after getting that first kill. If it's buffed it will be obscenely oppressive.

  33. NGL, it's worth catching one of those The Athletic deals. I've had it for a couple of years. Kelly Iko is the best Rockets reporter.

  34. Interesting. There was no open container law when I was in TN. That was almost 2 decades ago now but it's a strange twist.

  35. It's wild to think he led on data analytics considering he runs around with a metal clipboard and magnets.

  36. Hasheem Thabeet was a top pick as you may recall, hyped up by these scouts.

  37. But Thabeet did bull up. Unfortunately, it caused him to look like he was moving in slow motion. It was odd, to say the first least.

  38. There are still a lot of us republicans that stand in agreement that the Jan 6 stuff was definitely classless and embarrassing for us as a country. We may have more conservative values and beliefs, but that doesn’t mean republicans as a whole have gone to shit. I think the only thing that Trump did was put a dividing line between Americans and sent this country into chaos. Our next president cannot be a Biden, nor can it be a Trump. We need a leader. As a conservative myself, I would gladly vote dem if it meant someone that I thought had the potential to rebuild trust in the White House would be elected. It’s the “Republicans are going to kill democracy!” and the “The dems are gonna make men wear girl clothes!” bullshit that will send us (Americans) further apart. I seriously wish for this country’s sake that we can find some common ground and vote in someone that can erase the dividing line and clean up the White House.

  39. You see, there is only one type of politics in America for the most part. It's all on the right. That's the problem.

  40. This is partially why I don’t really clown on Lakers fans when they gas up THT/Reaves or any of their young project players

  41. I think they gave up a dynasty. Lucked into a championship. Not because the bubble was a fake championship but I don't belive Lebron and AD would be healthy in the playoffs without the break.

  42. Ehh dynasty is a major stretch, let alone even winning a championship in the first place. Who knows whether or not all those players develop the same way as they did on other teams.

  43. As much as I hate to say it, the Warriors seem to be the gold standard. Drafted players.

  44. Is walking an Olympic sport? If so based on today's performance we're contenders for Gold

  45. I can’t watch because I’m working. Why was Pogba pulled?

  46. Did he? I wouldn’t consider Iman Shumpert or Brandon Knight as winning pieces

  47. This is my line. Then people call me delusional. Basically, he did the Harden trade. Cp3 trade was great until it was horrific. The second cp3 trade.

  48. He was not. He was gl generally trying to unload bad Co tracts, he gave out. The sub was all, "but they will spend money when the find the right players." Those players were never found. That money was never spent.

  49. Cosmos users know next to nothing about defi. All the fortis scam/rug posts prove it. It is by far the most defi ignorant community I have ever seen.

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