1. And this is why people OE how can they not justify OE when left and right they screw people out of money they should be earning from one job.

  2. I don’t know you but I will call bs on this what country in the world that speaks their native language insist that everyone speaks it all of them.

  3. It’s a human right to work remote i believe it was Norway or Denmark or one of those European country’s that made it a human right in there own country so he can go and blow one if he thinks an employee does not have a right. All he is doing is pushing people to want it more and more and a lot will leave his company given time.

  4. I need by 2 minutes back. I can't believe I actually read the whole article. There is nothing in it. I kept reading for the big story, but nothing. Total clickbait headline. I need by 2 minutes back.

  5. Someone had asked if chatGPT is better than goggle in the early weeks and I said it’s worth more than google by far guess I was more than right because of its overall ability to do more than google has ever been able to do. I think I said I believe it’s worth like 4-6 billion if not more. But I take that back I believe it’s worth around 3-10 trillion more than google and growing with its ability to expand even faster and better for the general public

  6. And also it’s a big treat to them because they don’t know how to really use the tools they have all they cared about is money and how to make as much for their investors and themselves as a whole and not thinking about the little guy that will be their overall down fall.

  7. I'd say it's worth watching a few videos on Narcissist Personality Disorder (and maybe BPD) living in a narc family is it's whole different thing and finding this out now will save you a whole lot of heart ache and mental trauma especially if you're the family scapegoat. NPD isn't something that usually gets diagnosed so it's worth knowing abit about it so you can spot it, narc abuse victims often go on to attract narcs all throughout their life, atleast until they learn about NPD.

  8. I would go even deeper and say read or listen to 48 laws of power it will list certain traits of a narcissist and what they are capable of doing once you are done with that it’s time to rebuild up yourself and your self confidence.

  9. Lol now imagine if we went to there subs we would be banned for even giving an opinion on how we get treated like crap on those subs.

  10. Maybe we could tax the living crap out of billionaires to support the retirees. You know, just to try, see what happens.

  11. Shit is not normal regardless how you see it or look at it someone who is let’s say 18-20 going to school for 4-10 years to get a job for 20-40 years when you retire you don’t even have time to enjoy life and you would be dead before you reach 70-80 with no of walking and or seeing your grand kids and or even having kids let’s not talk about raising them with a salary of around 60-80k a year. It’s all a rig system for the rich to keep people as slaves and uneducated

  12. I like to think there's a new rule written in the margins of the employee handbook that just says "Thou shalt not fuck with Bobby "

  13. Good luck trying to fight a lawsuit against a woman for something this small.

  14. Funny you find this so small but if the shoes were on the other foot it would be a whole other ball game.

  15. This is not even a debate in some European countries as to if you can or can’t do wfh it’s there are laws that were passed to protect the employees from their evil employer because of this very issue.

  16. Yea that's nice and all, but European wages for IT are laughably low sadly. Personally I'd take a realistic wage over "job protections" any day. Since there's always a way around it for these companies anyway.

  17. You can and a lot do contact work which is why an LLC is key or corps 2 corps I hope am saying it right

  18. Lotta employers don’t want you to be in a polyamorous work relationship, because they understand (correctly) that you might be spread too thin and/or jump ship if your other employer offers you full-time work.

  19. Control really if one employer can control how and what you think to not get paid a certain amount and not look into some other job they will it’s why they don’t wish for you to be doing any kind of part time jobs/ work

  20. It’s all marketing bs I would say because making people fearful of an idea is what would keep most away from it. Even if they do end remote work what makes you think they can stop all of it in the world or in your country

  21. HR people talk about "office culture" because they barely have a job so they think that's the part of doing a job that matters.

  22. You forgot the price of food btw 😂 since it has gone up around 30-40% as well that’s not even counting the cost to get gas to drive to work HR is trying not to lose their job and be useful lol

  23. Over?! No. At least not from what I'm seeing. I just got a remote job, my SO got hired onto 2, and I've seen no shortage of them. What field are you looking into?

  24. Remote jobs will never die down they just want you to think that so you return to the office as long as people get a taste of remote work Who wants to pay 1k+ in gas a week to go back and forth to an office job.

  25. Probably late 70s is old is too old start any career

  26. You are to old when you can’t get up from the grave and learn something new. Once you have breath and life in your bones you are as young as you feel and think you are the only limits are the ones you put on yourself and you allow others to put on you.

  27. I barely know who on my team has kids & who doesn't.

  28. Screw this if you have kids or not it should not be an issue to get raises or not or more pay or even more time off. And if an employer is holding you back due to this fact it’s time to leave

  29. Analytics will always be needed - it'll be less "cool" though. Very similar to SQL now - lots of devs think it's uncool, but your big apps aren't working without a SQL dev to manage the data.

  30. Everything you do in life and even 2000 years from now unless they have some really advance ai and robots will still need data analysis to run and use them. So yea it’s always going to be in demand from the rising sea levels all the way to the blood in your systems to the quality of air around you.

  31. I'd put the over under on that advanced AI around 10 years out. I don't see how the robots would help though.

  32. To process do data analysis on them to see if they are running right without any kind of problems

  33. So crazy women get a pass? And feminist but how can you tell the difference between the 2? Because I got to tell you both border on the lines of each other and that’s some crazy scary shit there.

  34. Because they're not all the same.

  35. It’s simple why women still date men they don’t want to be stuck and 5-20 years looking back on it and say what if. It’s like when bitcoin came out and a lot of people missed out on the first few years of mining it and felt that they missed out and when it blew up in 2017 to 20k they wanted to get in.

  36. There would still be finite resources. If not paper money, good would replace as a form of currency, as even in a society where labor was voluntary or unneeded, depending on how you look at it, hard resources would still have a limit, and therefore a value as we have limited resources for our population regardless of who does the work. There would still be those who use their resources and those who save them (aka those who have more/ less) etc… ideas and resources would be the new currency. Are at best any utopia turns into an extremely dystopian type of socialism

  37. People with power will never give up that power regardless what you do to them. Money as a whole is that power for most if climate changes continues the way it has been for the last 20-40 years and keeps doing what it’s doing now. We may not have a planet to live on much less money to use really

  38. Lol if it was man he would of been killed already just to show you a crazy woman can get away with murder and it be ok seeing how it’s France and a woman that can’t be allowed to happen

  39. It depends really it’s like the invention of the car it’s used for both good and evil. Now taking a CS job from people well that’s all up to people if they would allow that.

  40. Yes! I hate when they dance around making idle talk. I HATE roles listed as remote, but upon applying and hearing from recruiter they say hybrid after coved (WTF does that even mean? 🤣)

  41. Yea I been seeing a lot like that it’s a damn scam man a scam I tell you and then they want to get all rude and bent out of shape when you call them out on it.

  42. Nothing like having someone in charge of your health working in unhealthy conditions and being exhausted.

  43. I hope they change there set up be it private or public nurses deserve a lot more respect from those people in charge who take them for granted. And a lot more rest and pay because they are the bloodline and back bone to all hospitals and private organizations when it comes to patientes health and well-being.

  44. “But opponents spread word to locals that the solar array would replace some of the local farmland and destroy the soil and water in the area.” Wonder who the opponents were and what motivated them? These projects can actually help keep small farms in family ownership (when they are sited on agricultural land) while increasing revenues for local communities and governments.

  45. People are so dumb at time they don’t even do their own research on solar panels lol and take in everything people who are less knowledgeable of them say

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