1. Indeed! They are more related to the extinct woolly rhinoceros than any other rhino species. Thus the hairy bodies

  2. Somebody asked this not that long ago, and my answer is the same. Make a show about Coast to Coast with Daphne Blake from Zombie Island. The format would be based on the gang solving a mystery while also filming the show. Daphne could be more of a main character here with the others filling into different roles of the film crew.

  3. Have that format with a similar animation style & tone to Zombie Island, an overarching plot like Mystery Inc, and the chase music/soundtrack choice from the What's New era and that'd be perfect.

  4. "Happy cheetah noises" I'm literally crying, it's too cute

  5. Reminded me of DC's medieval series "Dark Knights of Steel", would love to see Marvel do something similar.

  6. Very unlikely since they have Simple Plan in a episode (they also sing the opening) and Malt Shops that are popular teen hang out spots. So unless the Gang are just in their late 40s/50s I would say no.

  7. [Update] Spear & Fang, Genndy Tartakovsky's Primal, Cartoon/TV Series

  8. Wasn't a big fan of the 80s Turtles, so I was indifferent to the jokes about them. Even in their series, they acknowledged how ridiculous things could sometimes get.

  9. We actually have found a likely Smilodon cave painting. I’ll link it here if I find it.

  10. I found a Twitter thread by Alor Leonel breaking down possible Smilodon cave art found in Arizona.

  11. Don't forget to include a source for your post! Please link your source in a comment on your post thread. Your source cannot be a personal blog or non scientific news site, and must include citations/references.

  12. I'd rather an animated adaptation like that two part movie DC did for "The Dark Knight Returns" or something like

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