1. One of the best benefits of having a 50% rating is qualifying for VA healthcare category 1. Even non service connected... except dental... gets covered.

  2. I think it's good news. Imagine NOT getting any sort of notification? You'd be sitting there wondering if anything was happening at all. The claims process has never been a "one size fits all" kinda thing. FWIW... I got out in '79 and the claims process is so much better now than back then. Chin up and good luck 🤞.

  3. Seek legal counsel. Most attorneys offer a free initial consultation. Don't do this alone.

  4. When one uses a phrase such as "my heart sank" the connotation is a bad thing has happened. Were you expecting more than 80%?

  5. I'll tell you what not to do, in general, when any major life altering events occur... DON'T.... make any big commitments or decisions. At least for awhile.

  6. While I understand the OP's rant, he's seen the same repetitive question countless times, I keep in mind that it's the newly rated at 100% FIRST TIME at seeing that information. Cut 'em some slack. Anyways... that's my two cents. 🙂

  7. Support Law Enforcement…even if they shoot your unarmed 12 year old for reaching for her cellphone.

  8. Is that a hypothetical situation? How could I possibly offer a rational thoughtful comment without knowing all of the facts?

  9. I never thought I would be making a post like this. Today in front of my house in Mira Mesa a man was laying on the side walk screaming at the top of his lungs, incoherently. I ignored it for a good 15 minutes, hoping he would just move on. No such luck, he was obviously was on drugs. He then began screaming obscenities. I have a toddler in my house and started getting worried. I went outside and asked the man if I could help him. He screamed at me to stay away and called me the devil. Then he started pleading for help and said he was getting attacked by demons. I didn't want to get too close to him because he seemed that he might get violent. After all the screaming and cursing, I called 911. After explaining the situation, they said there is nothing that they can do and that I should call the san diego city non urgent dispatcher. We went inside and tried to ignore him. The situation then escalated when the man took his clothes off and started masterbating right on the side walk in front of our window AND DOING FULL BLOWN SEXUAL ACTS. He was saying obsense things to me and my wife across the street. At that point my todler woke up scared. I went outside and the man started threatening me.. My wife and I called 911 3 times after that pleading for help and, guess what.... they told us that if he didn't physically attack me or my family that I should go inside and close my windows and doors. We called the non urgent line and after being on hold for 20 minutes, the line hung up. After an hour of this, my wife and child were scared. We can hear him threatening us while naked. At that point I had enough, I grapped my water hose and blasted and he didn't move. I ended up grapping a shovel and began walking towards him and, finally, at that point he grapped his bag and started running. My blood was boiling I chased behind him a couple of blocks. I'm really a very nice and civil person, but everyone has their limit. I don't want to take matters in my own hands. If you ever see this man, be careful. And shame on you san diego police. SHAME ON YOU!

  10. A guy like that NEEDS an ass whipping. Part of the reason they do shit like that is because they KNOW that nobody will do anything. Always take care of yourself and your family. Too many people want to be social workers.

  11. Not true at all. P&T just means you don’t have an upcoming C&P exam scheduled. OP is not P&T because there is some exam or evaluation coming up that will determine if his rating should stick or be reduced.

  12. Why take a chance? Do what you need to do inside the privacy of your home. Stay off social media. There was a VA fraud conviction a few months ago of some clown at the gym with his wife. These two posted photos of themselves on FB. I think his claim was that he couldn't lift more than 20 pounds. The guy was a freaking Hulk of a bodybuilder. Be a shame if you lost it all and had to spend time in jail too. That's my two cents. It's all about your health and the money.

  13. It's bullshit. Be careful and aware to whom you give your information. Veterans have had their benefits stolen when they inadvertently gave scammers authorization to access their benefits.

  14. Tell EVERYBODY!!! I gotta be different. {smiling} :7565::7566::7565::7566: If you do tell her, better it's later rather than sooner.

  15. How many times did you read and reread that notification? 100 times? 200? Nice job 👌

  16. I read quite a few of the comments but I didn't see the dollar amount of the back pay. "I gots to know"... said by the robber to Dirty Harry.

  17. IDK what I'm looking at. Sometimes what appears to be obvious to one person looks like ??? to another person (me). What are you feeling blessed about?

  18. Go to your letter generator and look at the various letters. I don't remember which one but there's one that will tell you if you have any future examinations.

  19. Retired for two years now. I looked at the picture and just shook my head glad that it won't be me cleaning up that mess. I haven't been back to the office not even once. The Post Office is in my rearview mirror.

  20. Only God knows how long it'll take. Just do what any normal person would do and check the status 20 to 25 times a day. It's worse when you join the "Hundo Club". You STILL check eBenefits 20 to 25 times a day.

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