1. None of these new releases seem that great based on these reviews. What do you think of them?

  2. They all seem like pretty good reviews to me? One guy posted a Bazookas rosin review and said it tasted like bubble gum and was one of the best rosins he's had in the program.

  3. You aren’t wrong… that flavor profile is what they call “gassy” or tastes and smells like a wet fart. Personally I prefer weed that isn’t gassy but a TON of people love it. As for the people downvoting you they are dumb because if they actually listened to what you said they would realize that you are giving the product a pretty good review. Do people not understand what gassy weed is?

  4. I think they are downvoting him because he comments negatively every time someone posts something even remotely positive about Klutch. He's been doing it for weeks. He isn't giving them an honest review. He's not giving people flavor notes like a weed sommelier and comparing it to other strains in the program. He's been trying to get people not to try the strain. He was doing this before most people even saw it hit menus. And, his review doesn't match what other people have been saying about it.

  5. Wow this looks incredible. I have heard from others the smell is really crazy on this one. How would you describe it?

  6. They already addressed this. They aren't adding synthetic D8. It's something that is either naturally occurring or was created during their process. They essentially said that they had a few batches created during this time that had D8 show up and revamped some things to prevent it from happening in the future. This batch is 4 months old, which tracks with the time frame this came up. Newer stuff doesn't have any D8.

  7. Is Klutch one of the best brands? I have seen it mentioned a ton

  8. Yes. For me, they are at least the best of the large growers. I think their real competition comes from craft/smaller grows. Try the Orange 43 for daytime.

  9. As others have said, anxiety and THC don't always mix well. You should pick something sedating and mix in some CBD in either vape or edible form to take the edge off of the THC.

  10. I just picked up a half of it and no mold taste nor is there any mold on it. It tastes like skunky cheese and has so much kief it looks like it’s covered in cocaine. I’m starting to think some of y’all think that hashy-skunky taste is mold. It’s not it’s just weed

  11. Everything I've been buying by them has been just as good as always, if not better. Not one of these posts has ever shown a picture or actual evidence of mold, discoloration, or anything like that. Meanwhile, people who say they aren't seeing it are consistently downvoted.

  12. Is there actual visible mold? Or just a weird taste? I'm sure a bad cure or drying mistakes can cause a weird taste that could be interpreted as "moldy, basement floor" taste without any actual mold. Still sucks though. I haven't had any Klutch flower recently, but their extracts and pods have been very good.

  13. Not one of these posts has included an actual picture of mold, discoloration, etc. OP made the same post a month ago. He posted the back of the jars.

  14. are distillates with live resin terpenes supposed to have that burn in your nose?

  15. Wow I had to go back and figure out what this post was about. No worries. I think any vapor/smoke can occassionally give you a burning or "tickling" sensation in your nose if you aren't used to it. It could be temperature related. It could be the terpenes themselves. Terpenes are essentially alcohols. I think sometimes higher concentrates may give you that sensation if you aren't used to higher terpene counts. It could also just be some kind of pre-existing condition like allergies or the air being dry as the weather is changing. Hard to pinpoint exactly what would cause that. Hope that helps, though. My experience has been that my body generally adapts to my preferred consumption method and gets used to it over time. Maybe try to exhale through your mouth only to see if that helps.

  16. I think ancient roots is the best live rosin I've ever had but it's so damn expensive I can't pay 90$ for 1gram

  17. I recently bought Klutch MAC 1 Live Rosin and Ancient Roots Peach Crescendo Live Rosin Badder, and while the AR was great, I'd take the MAC 1 over it. Smoother and more flavor, and it was 15 bucks cheaper.

  18. Yeah I've gone through three of those pods. They were definitely kinda harsh on my throat. Their Lemon Slushee LR pods from a couple months back were even harsher.

  19. I haven't seen CBD/CBG in a Klutch prodcut in forever. I don't think they do this anymore.

  20. These live resin oils have way more terpenes than regular CO2 oil... Terpenes are alcohols that can feel a little harsher. However, the oils are way more flavorful as a result. I loved mine and didn't find it harsh, but I used terpene heavy concentrates regularly. I would try taking shorter draws and inhaling some fresh air along with each hit.

  21. Lot of Klutch haters on here over the past two weeks trying to take them down. The negativity on this board is nuts, especially when other cultivators are literally spamming reviews of their own products and not catching any flack.

  22. No, they didn't. They had a single employee post something on facebook like that 2 years ago. They fired him like the next day and posted a huge public apology, had a huge sale statewide, and donated a ton of money to a charity. It's unfortunate, but something that could have happened to any of these companies. They handled it the best they could. I think people bring it up now more as a joke because he clearly did not speak for the company.

  23. No. They really aren't. The stuff you buy on the street is laced with all sorts of horrible shit, not to mention heavy metals, mold, bacteria, and all sorts of other things. Even Michigan's mold limit is 10 times as high as Ohio's. The stuff you buy in other programs also probably has a much less strict pesticide requirements.

  24. Those are actually a little over 5mg of THC each... the piece weight is 2.5 grams. Careful there!

  25. Get a Puffco Plus, which is a good hybrid between a vape pen and an e-nail. Puffco calls it a "pocket nail." It comes with its own tool built into the mouthpiece and is super easy to use. If you enjoy it, the quality of the eperience increases from there. Don't bother with a torch. Just stick to the electronic rigs. They are good enough now that you don't need to get into torching a glass banger (unless you want to).

  26. Keep your jars in a sealed tupperware container or other airtight container (like a mason jar) in the fridge. They will keep for a long time like that.

  27. Sundae Driver from Firelands was at 10.1% terps. Highest I’ve seen so far for rosin.

  28. There are also some THCA crystals visible in the sauce... I think it looks fine. Probably fire.

  29. I buy a lot of these and I literally do not know what you are talking about. Oil is same color as always. They taste awesome.

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