1. Valerya has been killing it. 3 Olympia qualifications already, and I think she didn't turn pro that long ago?

  2. Ughhh this breaks my heart for Lauralie. Getting called an idiot while he tries to use money to manipulate her... So abusive. Goddamn. That's rough. At least he's slowly fading out of relevance. Expose it all.

  3. Nah he exposed them. She was trying to extort him first and get a restraining order to get out of the mess she got caught up in. James pulled up the receipts and it makes lauralie looks so bad. I hated James cause of her video and now it’s so awkward. Good question brought up to, where did her childhood best friend go after Aldo and why she around family less?

  4. James is still a piece of shit tho lmao. Doesn't change much imo, lauralie does look bad but that doesn't mean James was an angel to her.. As much as he wants it to look that way.

  5. That was some really dark shit. Wow. I really really hope she gets out of that situation soon. Can't imagine having a family like that jfc

  6. So… do we think Goob will cover this?

  7. Blows my mind that people engage with goob tbh. He's not a legit unbiased source for shit. He's just using people's personal data as a way of saying "hey you didn't send me deeply personal info... YOU'RE LYING" or "you sent me some juicy gossip, thanks for the free content!" like.. Lol. It's like when Nick Trigili said that the Olympia last year was facing a shortage of Bikini girls and they sent out special invites to girls 😭 these dudes actually don't care about bikini.. Just the views

  8. Ohhhh shut up, Adam. Two fat dudes that spend their time starving girls and crying on Instagram acting like they're something in the bodybuilding world, when in reality they're nothing without their athletes... You know.. The people who are actually putting in the hard work. 🙄

  9. Kinda hilarious how he'd post pics of him with other coaches on his story and say "friends 😁" LOL. No one with a brain wants to be associated with James.

  10. I feel bad because she seems like a very nice/sweet person… but I agree that she doesn’t have the experience or expertise that Angeline does.

  11. Right lol I was paying attention to her before she went pro and she definitely shines. But is young, naive and gives very much money-oriented vibes. Her one insta post about buying all these different things before 20... People can do a lot with mommy and daddy's money. I wouldn't be surprised if her and James share the same relentless money hungry mindset tbh

  12. Oh I don’t care if she beats everyone else in all these little shows. It’d be inspirational if she takes back one of the bigger titles against like Lauralie or Jenn dorie or isa. I feel like she doesn’t have the patience for that? Idk 🤷‍♀️ sometimes you are your worst enemy. She comes across a bit anxious/obsessive these days.

  13. 100000% agree. I want her to take a title back because I really do love her physique... But when she said she was doing the TO show I was like... Whyyyy?

  14. Sorry let me clarify. You’re right that her credentials aren’t fake. I meant to focus more on the fact that she lied about residency and actually practicing as a physician. People really were all “ooo ah she looks like that, works that hard AND she’s a doctor wow” …her being a woman in medicine, a surgeon no less(!) who managed being in residency with being an IFBB pro was her hook.

  15. When she got her pro card, she worked a 24 hour shift so she knew she would have enough time to compete and get back in time for work. In a recent interview she straight up said that she's not doing her surgical residency anymore and that she's doing a research fellowship. She WAS in a surgical residency, that's verifiable. But she's a different breed. Very smart and hardworking woman who accomplished a lot. She has a bachelor's, masters, med school, first couple years of Gen surgery residency at a trauma 1 hospital and now she's looking at doing conceriege medicine or something.

  16. I don’t either. Birds of a feather flock together, so I can only think that women who are still with him at this point are just as vile as him. Sorry not sorry

  17. God, I love Charla. She didn't need to come out with her story, take online abuse from James and his followers, send his fake letter to the Montreal Bar association, etc... But thank God she did. She opened up so many eyes. Sooooo grateful for her.

  18. Maybe it's because I'm Canadian and can freely get ephedrine, but EC is not as big of a deal as other comments make it out to be nor is it something that will drastically harm you if taken safely. Is this for everyone? No. If you have heart issues, maybe don't take stimulants of any kind. Like everything else, an EC stack should be used in moderation.

  19. Why would you go to James if you care about being natty lol? He's not a natty specialist at all. Look up @team3DMJ on insta, they specialize in drugfree bodybuilding.

  20. I am new to this industry and also this forum…..but does anyone know why James is so hated? So far I have only heard that he is bossy and a know it all ? Extreme diets? Narcissistic? That’s typical of some coaches in other sports though. I am not advocating that behavior but winning at all costs is common among high achievers and competitive people.

  21. If you go to the gymsnark sub and go to his flair, there is a giant rabbit hole you can go down. But the most disgusting/most egregious thing he did that pretty much spurred this whole thing came out around July last year. A woman came forward with

  22. Yikes! That is way worse then I thought. It’s criminal…..literally. Thank you for the explanation what a thug. I had no idea. Now it makes sense. THANK you!

  23. Ashley K wins a lot and I don’t always understand her placing, tbh. But! I keep following her because she has such a great attitude. You would never hear her whine about placing or mention any other competitor in a negative way. 10/10 would recommend to all other bikini competitors and especially their boyfriends and coaches

  24. It was so sweet how she jumped to hug Lauralie right after they announced Ashley's name for second 🥺

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