Audio from CatsKillCrypto talking about Naked Shorting and how exchanges are cess pits of fraud 📼 🎧 (Credit to u/ToDaMoon1399 for the original post!)

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  1. Soooooo, it's an Early Access title? lol

  2. The Logitech HERO G502 is an exceptional wired gaming mouse that is consistently priced ~$30-40 brand new. Look around a little bit and you'll find one.

  3. Using Bastion's Ultimate to have a look at what the other team is doing. Actually a broke the rules that is probably the most effective way to use this ult.

  4. As a Bastion main from OW1, I agree that this is and point clearing in OT/making space are basically it's only uses.

  5. I can't wait to watch all the new videos.

  6. Reese, like the peanut butter cups.

  7. I don’t buy into the whole ‘it’s more tactical’. The reality is it’s just more punishing.

  8. I'd guess there's data showing the slower pace makes it easier to watch as an esport.

  9. When pirate ship and shields were meta I had Widowmaker one tricks on my team in gold on console. That was not fun, I don’t see how they didn’t go insane doing that.

  10. Agree, but bastion was one of my favorite heroes in overwatch so that hurt me hard when they got rid of him. Mei didn't really mind but they can't do this bs again.

  11. Bad. Near emergency balance needed. Character(s) so weak that the report system is being abused to auto-ban players. Others so strong that other characters are pointless to play. Everyone hates playing healer and Sombra is making the role hell almost on her own, devs don't even care. Two broken characters, somehow need two weeks a piece to fix. Mannequins, t-posing soldier, etc.

  12. Well, at least now we know why Jeff quit.

  13. Ability to get cosmetics by playing the game

  14. I think his ult could be a hybrid of the old and the new. He should change to artillery config and shoot a volley of his current grenades in first person. If they gave him some sort of overshield or armor boost instead of self heal, then he can get some damage mitigation.

  15. I'm really liking this "Make Bastion A Tank" rumbling I'm reading on here more and more lately.

  16. Crypto is seriously misrepresented in MSM and as such has a very skewed purpose in the eyes of the general public.

  17. I think the changes are good, but I'd like Bastion to get his ult back.

  18. Bastion's new ult is terrible for two major reasons:

  19. Similar thing happened to me.

  20. You've named all the best ones. Haha.

  21. Thanks for taking the time to give me awesome suggestions dude. I wanted to try rune factory 5 on the switch but I heard it doesnt run too well do you know if that is still the case for the switch version?

  22. Hmm, this might be good advice. I’m hoping she doesn’t need to just take dramamine whenever we want to play, but maybe if it’s just to start building the habit and we start out slow, like you said.

  23. I find Winston to be a good counter to Zarya.

  24. I feel like a lot of people who voted for the PS3 either didn't own one, didn't own one for very long, or have that bad launch taste in their mouths still.

  25. I play games on my PC daily. It's the place where my friends and I gradually migrated to for competitive shooters and MMOs. From WoW we moved on to Tera, FFXIV, LoL, PUBG, Rust, Monster Hunter, Overwatch, Warzone, and a million F2P and flash-in-the-pan games in between. It really is the best platform for those.

  26. I'm in very similar position. Currently, my PC and Switch are my main plattforms. I used to be a big PlayStation fan especially during the PS3 era. I experienced many of my favorite games on that platform first. But right now, the PS5 doesn't really offer something that makes me want to buy the console and the Xbox was never really an option for me. And since both Sony and Microsoft have opted to make their games available on PC, I have even less reasons to buy a specific device to play them.

  27. My brother from another mother. Haha. I love the Switch's portability. There's nothing else like it. The first time I saw Skyrim in my hands I was floored. I immediately realized that consoles tied to a TV were no longer necessary to play full production AAA titles and it has made me giddy for what Nintendo does next. Can you image a Switch with 2x the power? Easily doable today for cheap!

  28. I'm commenting just to see how long it will take for mods to lock this thread.

  29. Woah woah woah, I'm all for new players. This huge F2P population influx is rocky right now but it's fantastic, especially if I can meet as many awesome not-yet-jaded friends as I did playing OW1. I've already met a few new folks who are really enjoying the game and I'm having a great time teaching them how to play.

  30. Maybe I came off as aggressive. What I really mean about F2P players is that, as long as they are having fun and trying to learn the game, sure, I love that. But the game is slowly becoming like League Of Legends.

  31. Could be. But remember: you need a valid phone number. So throwing away your account and making a new one is a little bit trickier than heading to gmail for a new email address :) So I don't see that being too much of a persistent problem. But it's still a valid concern because those dedicated trolls do exist and they do make the game a less pleasant place to be sometimes. Let's do our best to ignore those folks.

  32. There is this YouTube channel called DinoFlask where the author took old Overwatch developer updates and edited them together to make Jeff say some funny stuff, the wrestle with Jeff prepare for death is a really famous, the channel is worth a watch for a lot of laughter

  33. I freakin love this. Ty.

  34. I find myself on the outside of this joke. Will someone be so kind as to explain origin of "wrestle with Jeff..." for this scrub?

  35. Reminds me of the glitches I had when trying to play SC2 and wow through wine on my linux box... ah! those were the days! :')

  36. Agreed and it is for the better. The competitive environment gets real toxic, real fast. I have a much more peaceful experience with the limited text chat functionality. Totally support it.

  37. It's very sad how true that is. It means games need to double as babysitters now. There's fewer instances where "this is why we can't have nice things" applies than to developers taking away methods of communication in competitive multiplayer games because people can't control their tempers and bad attitudes.

  38. The lack of endorsements for the other team is hard to get over. In games where I lost very frustratingly and my team was being toxic I loved to comment positively towards the opponents team in chat, give them card votes, and endorse them - mostly to fish for endorsements myself and out of spite - because my team definitely didn't deserve praise. But it forced me to be positive and I had a better experience overall because of that.

  39. Gotta ignore 'em. Best way to combat toxicity is to obtain the "Thick Skin" perk.

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