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  1. I can only imagine working for a survey company and being assigned to the “queefing in the workplace” study

  2. Rico or Cam at Johnny ds in Saratoga. Cam is $60 and I’m pretty sure Rico is $40. Both phenomenal barbers

  3. Saw this in the Supra thread and was wondering what it is was taken with. Great pic 👍

  4. Have you had bad experiences or just stay away from it in general?

  5. I respect that and had a pretty similar mentality for the majority of my life. That being said, my perception was heavily influenced by the “drug users” of my hometown who were more or less lost causes regardless of if they were on something or not. Not saying this is your situation but for me, it took a while before I realized drugs ≠ total shitbag.

  6. Is this a wz specific calling card? I looked through the challenge specific calling cards and only remember seeing one that was multiplayer and wz wins. Congrats on #50!

  7. I don't know how anyone can look at that and not argue for tighter gun control

  8. I have a feeling that gun wasn’t purchased at a gun store

  9. I just looked at Best Buy and they have an open box for about $50 more. Not sure if it applies to open box purchases but I also have their total tech membership which includes a warranty for the camera and one professional cleaning a year while the membership is active

  10. New rear sway bar, window tint, high flow air filter (mainly for better sound)

  11. Fix the wild server inconsistencies and it won't seem as bad.

  12. Adaptive cruise control, heads up display, better sound system, parking/proximity sensors, and.. Can't think of much else. The heads up display and adaptive cruise control are worth it alone imo

  13. Just out of curiosity, how much better is the sound system? I haven’t heard the non-premium sound system yet but I was pretty disappointed with how the premium sounds.

  14. Clearly the issue here is how long it took for you to buy your gun at the buy station /s

  15. Clearly the issue here is how long it took for you to buy your gun at the buy station /s

  16. Might have been more mental than anything but the amount of reindeer dishes I had in Finland felt very wrong during Christmas time 😂

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