1. You hit on a major point. Mental health needs more attention in this country. It’s not just trying to keep guns out of the hands of people. Mental health in a lot of places is a joke. They are severely understaffed and underfunded. If people could get help they need, many of the shootings (not all) could be avoided.

  2. When I was 17 my parents would fuss at me about how long my showers took and that I don’t pay the electric bill. I had a job so I asked how much a week it would cost for them to stop. Never heard a word again. I would have gladly paid $40-60/month towards the power bill to get them to leave me alone about it.

  3. Interesting. They could have charged you $60/week. Such bad business people. If you told them this now, what do you think they would say?

  4. Yeah, business people they are not. They didn’t charge me anything. I offered just to show them I would. Now I don’t know. Know what my own bills are now, 1/4 of just the power bill would be $75/month.

  5. Omg this reminds me of the old VHS tapes we were force to watch in Sunday school about how evil rock is. And all they did was make me want to listen to Black Sabbagh even more. 🤣

  6. This sentiment is not just a Texas thing. I live in the south in a very small rural city. In the past few years people from the northern states have moved here. They want to make changes that people in the area don’t want. It has caused a lot of heated council meetings. I see both sides. Yes, things could be better if you allow growth. Things could be better if they allowed alcohol sales. On the other side, growth brings in people. With more people, you have more problems. With more people, you may not know everyone. I personally want my little city to prosper. However, the growth has to be gradual so problems can be solved as they occur. In my opinion, people also should move somewhere because they like how it is. Not move there with intentions to make it more like where they moved from.

  7. Denial was my biggest enemy. Everyone around me at the time smoked as much if not more than me. They had no issue with it. Just didn’t understand why I was having to deal with it and others were not.

  8. Same here. I have a six year old daughter who needs me to be present. Being sick and not being there for my daughter broke me. I quit and never looked back.

  9. Next week: Russia warns the west that they've taken all our crayons and we can no longer use coloring books

  10. I am looking to change jobs and may lose $3/hour and drive 3x as far. However, the work is not as physical, there is ac, and I will be making more than I do now in 2 years. I have been at this job for 10 years. After multiple attempts to get a job in the office I have seen there is no real room for growth in this small company. It’s a risk, but risk have to be taken to see growth.

  11. I grew up in church. Had the “opportunity” to work for them as a janitor starting my senior year. After a couple years I because the head of maintenance and had to sit through staff meetings. All that said, I learned that people coming equal money. That’s what the reward comes to for a lot of churches. Get them in the door so they can pay their tithe. How do we make it attractive? How do we get them here? We have to make our budget.

  12. Most large and mega churches are just a religious business. When some considered and I’m sure took PPP loans, where does your faith truly lay?

  13. Convoy -Movie about independent truckers. I think it’s a great movie but I doubt they would do it justice. Starred Kris Kristofferson. Had a song by the same name.

  14. At what point does the revolt against these companies begin? They pretty much hold all the cards. They can pay whatever they want, demand whatever experience they want, and even make the government back them up. When does this country go back to one ruled by the people and for the people. The way it stands, it’s ruled by the companies and for the companies.

  15. Taco Bell is owned by Yum! Brands, who own Pizza Hut and KFC as well. Yum! Brands is a child company of Pepsi.

  16. It’s not a power tool, but a fence post driver will probably do it. Has two handles and weight behind it. Would probably do the trick.

  17. Seceding is impossible. Seceding to join Russia is hilarious.

  18. A guy I work with quit today. About an hour and a half into our shift he just looked at me and said “this is my last day. I’m leaving.” I just laughed. I have an interview tomorrow and hope to do the same.

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